Feminista Jones “Pushes my Buttons” With Release of Debut Erotic Novel

As a sexual being I consider myself to be vanilla predominantly, but at the turn of the first few pages of Feminista Jone's debut novel "Push The Button" I began to question my straight and narrow ways. The love story depicting the BDSM lifestyle of Nicole and David may be fictional, But the acts are rooted in full truth of "the life". Nicole, a powerful woman in command of her career by day, is a secret submissive turned on by servitude and the pleasure that erotic pain brings with it.

The novel opens with a scene of the two lovers in their usual sub/dom antics via Skype, setting the tone that this story isn't the average love tale. Commanding yet adoring in his approach, David sends Nicole (or Star as he so lovingly labels her) through a series of activities that she instinctually knows to follow: Undress, place on your collar and play with yourself only on command…your purpose is to serve me. This is the sentiment established at the opening of this telling novel. For those who are unfamiliar with the "Lifestyle" Feminista Jones does an excellent job at detailing the rules associated with the sub/dom agreement and describing the trials often associated with being open with this form of sexual expression.

We learn that in the beginning of their relationship, Nicole is more educated in the Life than David and acts as a teacher t help train him to become the best partner (or SIR as is the proper term) to fulfill her subservient desires. The two meet on a website for thoe into the "lifestyle", a common pace many in the BDSM community congregate with others who share the same interests. People who share these kinky desires are often cautious about revealing their alternative lifestyle for fear of being judged harshly by those that don't understand or empathize with its appeal. Exclusive events, private clubs, online communities and monthly meet ups are often organized to help individuals within this community live out their sexual desires. In this story, David and Nicole aren't shy about displaying their lifestyle to close family and friends.

The story goes on to introduce Marcus, the former lover/Sir of Nicole who, before David, violated the code of their relationship forcing Nicole to break her promise of loyalty in search of someone better suited for her desires. David has no idea about the man that once owned his now prized possession, but upon his first encounter with Marcus the tension is thick causing an altercation that raises his suspicions about his connection to Nicole. The remainder of the novel reveals the battle between a love lost and a current love who consistently bump heads when it comes to their equivalent love for Nicole. An unexpected turn of events sends this love triangle into an interesting dynamic and this is where the plot thickens.

Well developed characters, a dynamic plot and triple X sex scenes make this novel an easy and enjoyable read. It is one to be enjoyed by fans of erotica and BDSM alike. Hey, this novel may even stir up the courage of those who may have had thoughts of incorporating a bit of kink play and domination into their sex lives. I have to admit, the love scenes aroused me more than what I expected. Nicole constantly being forced into submission by David's massive manhood rang as nostalgic for me taking me back to the memories of my experiences of a former lover who might be a great individual to stir up my inner subservient, but alas those fantasies will remain on the pages of this entertaining read.

I give this novel my lipstick print of approval as a MUST READ!


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