Fetish: Electrogasm

I was put on to this fetish by a friend of mine (shouts out to @tat2dre) that just so happens to be apart of BDSM practices.  It is every bit of kinky and a certain level of hazardous if done incorrectly. Today's fetish is the  ELECTROGASM.

An Electrogasm is an orgasm that is brought on by the use of erotic electrostimulation.  In erotic electrostimulation, an electrical current is sent through the genitals by using a power source  to stimulate the nerves in order generate an orgasm.

Violet wands are used to generate the low current, high voltage, high frequency electricity to the body, and are sold with a variety of glass attachments.  It has the effect of a vibrator except it uses electricity as the stimulation, and can be plugged right into any electrical outlet.

The hazards with using electrostimulation to orgasm is minor burning of the skin, redness and even death. This device can be used anywhere on the body except for near the heart and eyes. Don't know if any of you are into BDSM, but if you are, this may be something you would like to further research and Try. Let me know how it works out!

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  • Kelly Shane

    This looks like some shit for the sexually handicapped !! lol !!

    November 4, 2011 Reply

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