Fetish Friday: Katoptronophilia-Mirror Sex

It's freaky Friday and this week begins a new series of posts aimed at putting a spotlight on specific sexual fetishes that many commonly share, and some that may be considered weird or abstract.  This week's fetish is one that may borderline narcissism, but it is a common fetish that both men and women share alike. This week's fetish is "Katoptronophilia" aka " arousal from sex in front of a mirror".

Watching yourself put on a great performance while making your partner scream out in ecstasy is a great way to boost your confidence while in sexual situations, and using a mirror can help you be aware of your positioning and correct any imperfections.

If you are a person that gains great pleasure and arousal from watching yourself perform sexually in front of a mirror, then chances are you are a katoptronophiliac.

Even if you don't fall into the Katoptronophilia fetish category, incorporating a mirror into your sexual activities can help spice up any experience!

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  • Geraldine

    I didn’t know they had a name for that fetish, but one weekend when my husband and I went to his home town for his 20 year class high school class reunion. Well, he surprised me with a weekend at this last just call it a very kinky hotel in NYC. One night we had the pleasure of pleasing one another in a room with a vibrating bed and red lighting through out the room and the TV only showed porn movie 24/7 my,my,my. The next night we spent the night in the all mirrored room. Well let me tell you that, I thought I was a porn star, with us trying all those lovely positions and watching ourselves enjoying each others bodies…. Can’t wait to go back again.

    October 30, 2013 Reply

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