Fetish Training: Being Collared

Yes, this is a photo of me wearing a collar.  A dog collar in fact.  This was my second fetish assignment given to me by my kink coaches Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noir.  The assignment was to wear the collar for 5 days, 24 hours a day and to go about my everyday duties while wearing the collar, including going outside.  Unlike the picture, however, I wasn't allowed to show cleavage in public.  This was their form of collaring me from a distance and owning me.  The second half of my assignment was to document how I felt while wearing the collar, think about why I am wearing it and reveal how I felt while wearing it.  So here it goes.

Wearing my collar outside 

It was interesting to see how people reacted to my collar.  At first glance, people are taken aback by the amount of hair I have on my head (I have a huge afro), but then they see it.  They see the caramel collar accented with silver studs arranged snugly around my neck. And then I see the thinking in their eyes.  Some women would look at my collared neck and stare in wonder as if they were trying to figure out if it was an accessory or a purpose behind it.  Others would snicker or smirk and then go about their routine, trying their best to ignore what they saw.  It felt as if the collar sparked something in them that made them feel uncomfortable.  I definitely observed that.  But it was the male reaction that amused me the most amusing to me.  Men would stare, look twice or come into my personal space to get a closer look at what was around my neck. And it seemed that some of them were turned on or aroused by my neck being collared.  I definitely felt that men knew it had some type of sexual connection and that's what drew them in. It made me feel uncomfortable though because the idea of these men who knew nothing about me looking at my collar and thinking about dominating me wasn't something I wanted.  It was almost like they were raping me in their minds.

Why I wore the collar 

Being collared is a form of domination and relinquishing control.  I'm an alpha female and very much in control of every aspect of my life, but giving up that control for five days made me place trust in those who collared me.  I had to trust that Jasmine and King had my best intentions in mind, so relinquishing control wasn't difficult in this situation. I don't think that being a sub is something I'm really into, but wearing the collar was definitely an experience that I found to be liberating especially when sharing it with the world.

What I felt when I wore the collar 

The collar made me feel restricted in how I could eat, talk and even lay when sleeping. But I knew I was doing something that was outside of my comfort zone and it made me feel empowered.  Eventually It felt like the collar became a part of me, and when it was time to take it off I had a sense of relief but felt like I was letting go of something that gave me structure.  I felt proud to rock my collar, especially since I was able to pick it out myself.

All in all this Fetish activity gave me a different awareness of how I handle power shifting, and I'm happy that I can come out of my ego to allow someone else to take the wheel for once.

Assignment three of my fetish training has already been given and it is a pretty serious one.  I'll keep you posted. Hope you enjoyed my experience.


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  • Anisha

    Not bad at all fellas and galsla. Thanks.

    April 14, 2016 Reply
  • Brianna

    Hey I saw the fetish post I wondering how introduce role playing I always want to try it I just dont know how to go about it with my man .just wondering if there was anything you do to make that a easy fin possibility

    April 27, 2016 Reply

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