[FETISH TRAINING] Wanted: Dedicated Sub, Motivational Dom

If you've been following my journey through Fetish training this year, you know that this is my third assignment given to me by my fetish coaches Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire.  The assignment was given to me about 3 weeks ago and amidst handling every day life and a crazy work schedule, I 've taken time out of each day to dedicate some thought to it.  One of the fetishes I marked off on my survey was being a dom and having a sub, so this third assignment involves me writing a wanted ad looking for not only a sub but also a dom for myself.  Now I will go on record to say this: I am not the type to be dominated.  I know my personality and within fetish play I wouldn't enjoy being in a submissive role, but for the sake of the assignment and balance I have to to think of both sides.

I had so many questions going into this assignment because I have been approached several times in my life by men who wanted me to dominate them in various ways.  "Can you kick me in the balls?"  "Can you humiliate me and call me a dirty white bastard with a tiny worthless cock?"  "Can you blackmail me into giving you all of my money by threatening to tell my wife if I don't pay up?"  "Can you put me in a chastity device and refuse my erections and orgasms?"  These are all requests I've received in the past, but was never able to fulfill.  I knew even then with the little knowledge that I had about BDSM that this isn't something you just jump into, but the questions I had were all pertaining to the dynamic of the relationship.  Is a dom just a complete bitch?  Do I punish him/her if they don't do exactly as I say?  Do I have to be concerned with controling this person's sex life?   Is this relationship all about me gaining my satisfaction or is this all about what the sub wants?  After talking to Jasmine about my concerns, I felt a little less anxious about writing this ad.  After talking to my coach I realize that my experience as a Dom solely depends on my personality and what appeals to my interests and desires when it comes to someone serving me.  I guess for so long I haven't thought about what it would be like to have to be in a position of being domineering and not just inside of the bedroom. Likewise, I've never thought about what it would be like to be dominated and forced into submission.

So after much thought and consideration Here is my ads seeking  SUB and seeking a DOM


I am Goddess Tyomi and I am seeking a sub that is dedicated and focused on making my satisfaction his or her priority.  Your sole job is to ensure that my satisfaction is held in high regard by completing the tasks that I as you to do and to do them without complaining.  I don't like complainers, I don't like rebuttals and I don't like anyone wasting my time or telling me how things should be done. Talking back and being lazy are punishable, and your punishment is of my choosing.  You will do all of the domestic activities that I hate to do like cleaning toilets, washing dishes, Laundry, cleaning out that creepy closet in my front room and so on. I also seek a slave that knows his or her money is MY MONEY and doesn't spend a dime without my say so.  You work to please me. Your money is not your own.  You have no right to touch me or even look at me unless I say so.  Your sex life is controlled by me and your way to sexual satisfaction is only granted based on how well pleased I am.  You are not worthy of touching me or engaging with me sexually. I have no interest in having sex with those beneath me. But you will be teased and denied a release as punishment when you step out of line or disobey.  Whenever you do a great job at pleasing your Goddess you will be rewarded in ways that we approve before we get into this playful relationship. I am not a harsh goddess, I am kind, but if you step out of line I show now mercy.  I will be stern, I will be demanding, but this relationship is about mutual respect. I desire a sub that isn't self loathing or in a space of complete despair. I desire a sub that seeks a positive change from our play together. Looking forward to your worship and servitude.


I am predominately an alpha female, but I am seeking a dom that can teach me how to relinquish control and trust the guidance and control of another alpha.  My desire is to serve a dom as a way to gain balance in knowing how to serve as well as lead.  I also desire to free myself from the stresses of daily control and to trust the guidance and help of others. I seek a dom who is stern but not harsh, and controls my path towards sexual pleasure as a way to motivate me to get my duties done for him/her and for my own life.  Spanking, bondage and being corseted are acceptable forms of punishment for me if I don't behave. I am not into being collared or treated like an animal. Guide me into the perfect submission.  I'm looking forward to serving you.

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