Finishing The Act: The Art of Swallowing

When performing oral sex , every woman is faced with the option to either spit or swallow her partner's ejaculate after he orgasms. However, quite a few women choose to only half way commit themselves to the act by taking in his cum and then spiting it out after he's completely released.  Men often describe these women as "quitters",  and most men aren't too fond of the half commitment.

You may be thinking to yourself, "What's the big deal with Swallowing anyway?"  That's a good question with a simple answer. Simply put, men like women who swallow because is shows that she actually ENJOYS sucking his penis! If feels better to a man to ejaculate in a mouth or a vagina than to cum outside of either because he doesn't have to break his concentration or the great sensation to pull out.

If you haven't tried to swallow yet, then my suggestion to you is that you try it at least once. Not only will you be exploring more into your sexuality, but it will heighten the oral experience for your partner.  To get you started, here are some quick tips to master the art of swallowing:

(1) First and foremost, KNOW THE STATUS OF YOUR PARTNER! STDs can be passed through the mouth by ingesting semen, so protect yourself by insuring he is STD free.

(2)Become comfortable with Semen. The more comfortable you can become with the texture and the taste, the less afraid of it you will be. Taste it, smell it, feel it's texture. Like I said in my previous posting about semen, IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!

(3)Make the experience fun! If you aren't having fun sucking his penis, your partner will sense it. Make him feel wanted and desired and switch up positions and tongue techniques to take the monotony out of the experience. Remember, sucking his penis is not about you, it's about making him experience a mind blowing orgasm. If you enjoy pleasing your man, then you should enjoy sucking his penis.

(4)Use A Lot of Saliva. The easiest way to swallow without thinking about it is by collecting a lot of saliva in your mouth as you feel him about to peak. The more saliva you use during oral sex the better! The extra lubrication feels awesome! When he says he's about to cum, continue to suck at a consistent speed and allow the saliva to collect in your mouth. When he ejaculates, the semen will mix with your saliva as you continue to suck, and when he's done, it will make sense to swallow what you've collected. TRUST ME, this technique works well.

(5) Take your mind out of it! Please remember that if the man you're going down on is a regular partner of yours, HE'S NOT JUDGING YOU! Swallowing doesn't make you a whore...it makes you a WINNER and it shows that you enjoyed the experience just as much as he has. Take your mind out of it and enjoy all of your man.

Hopefully these tips will encourage more women to swallow.  :-)

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  • dave

    wife will suck my dick until, I start “leaking” (PRECUNE). what can I DO. I have tried everything. will not let me cum in her mouth. But I provide her with oral sex until she cum’s


    September 3, 2013 Reply

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