For The Ladies: Open Up To Oral Sex

Before I get deep into this post, I need every woman reading this to say the following line out loud as loud as you can: "ORAL SEX IS NOT BAD."Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let's get into the meat of this post (no pun intended).  June is coming closer to an end with each passing day, so that means that Oral Sex month will be over, however, that does not let you off the hook from facing the subject. I speak to a great number of men on a daily basis, and the one thing they complain the most about is their partner's unwillingness to perform oral sex. I have even conversed with men whose main reason for cheating was because of the the lack of oral sex performed within their relationships. Cheating for that reason may seem extremely petty, however, you have to think about the importance of oral sex and what it symbolizes.

Oral sex is one of the simplest ways to please a man. It doesn't take a long time (that's if you're a pro), you can perform it with clothes on, clean up is simple (that's if you don't spit) and it can be participated in just about everywhere. It is a stress reliever, a great way to bond with your mate and one of the most intimate sexual positions you can be in.

Dismissing your man's desire for oral sex shows a sign of selfishness on your part, especially if you require for him to perform on you. Sure, there may have been times that you're tried it and didn't like it and now you're turned off completely from trying it at all, but you have to realize that every situation will not be the same and you have to fully communicate your insecurities with your partner. When you express your fears or the doubts you have in your abilities, your partner can guide you along in the process of becoming better at giving.

If you love your man and every inch of him, then why would you choose to neglect the very part of him that makes him a man? Why wouldn't you want to put your lips on his "essence" to show him the ultimate affection? Rejecting his desires for oral sex is almost like rejecting him all together. Sex is great, but performing oral sex is a sign of submission that gives men a rush of power, however, if you can become a master of oral stimulation, then you will have the power to bring a man to his weakest ORGASM..and then the power shifts and puts you in control.

So my final advice to you ladies is to become more open. When it is performed safely and with an open and relaxed mind, it can be very enjoyable. Ok Ok...I understand you probably won't jump into the action right away,and that is fine, but at least start by having open discussions with your partner about it. It will show him that you are becoming more willing to entertain the idea and it will help you sort out your issues with the will be surprised at how much closer you become.

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