For The Ladies: Working Out With Benwa Balls

Ever since the release of the popular kink book "50 Shades of Grey" Benwa balls have become increasingly popular and sales have gone through the roof, but many women are still unaware how these spherical beauties can
aid in vaginal and pelvic health. Benwa Balls are to the vagina what dumbbells are to the biceps and triceps. They are weighted balls that help to build the muscles in the pelvic floor which help keep the vaginal walls tight and prevent vaginal prolapse (the vagina falls out) and uterine prolapse (the uterus falls into the vagina). Keeping the pelvic walls strong help to keep all of the organs within the pelvis in place, which is important considering the pelvis is a very small space. So how exactly does a woman exercise these pelvic muscles using these balls?? I'm glad you asked! Let me explain....

Benwa Balls come in several sizes and materials including metal, medical grade silicone and glass. As the balls become bigger, the weight increases and a stronger amount of force will have to be applied to hold them within the vaginal walls. The purpose of the balls is to aid in performing kegel exercises by placing them in the vagina and keeping them in place by contracting the muscles within the pelvis. If you work out at a gym and lift weights to build up your legs or tone your arms, then why neglect your vagina and pelvis? Follow these easy steps below on how to use Benwa Balls and keep those muscles tight!

1) Visit your local sex shop or adult book store and browse the selection of Benwa Balls that they provide. If you are a beginner, using the silicon balls are easier than glass or metal because the surface isn't as slippery and the muscles can grip them more easily. If you can't find any at your local shop, search online for a pair that you like www.glamerotica101.com/shop is a great site to search for Benwa Balls.

2) When you find the balls in the size, material and color that you want and you are ready to use them, wash your hands, take the balls out of the packaging and place each ball into the vagina one at a time, grabbing onto the ball with your vaginal muscles and holding it into place. If you have trouble contracting the muscles, hold your anus in and it will help with contracting the pelvic muscles.

3) Try to keep the balls in place for as long as you can without letting them slide down. Holding these balls in place will help strengthen the muscles.

Using these balls and kegels alone will also help with producing stronger orgasms and help with controlling the flow of the fluid during female ejaculation. Remember this: the vagina is a collapsed muscle that needs to be worked and kept in shape like the rest of the muscles in your body. If you do not use that muscle, you will lose elasticity and tone, so get to work!

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