Health Report: WiFi May Be Killing Your Sperm!

Fellas, you may want to keep your laptops and smart phones as far away from your genitals as possible if you have any plans of having children.  According to a study published in the "Fertility and Sterility" medical journal by Argentine scientists In November  2011," 25% of the sperm that had been placed by a computer connected to WiFi stopped moving and Nine percent showed DNA damage."  Scientists blame the damage on the electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by wireless communication.  Samples of semen were tested near a computer that was not connected to WiFi and the results showed no significant damage to the sperm.   However, even the heat alone that radiates from laptops can damage sperm. In a 2004 study,  Scientists proved  that the "heat from a laptop sitting directly on the lap could raise the temperature of the scrotum nearly three degrees.  Scientists have established that heat damages sperm in previous studies.

So if you plan on passing on your seed, or possibly creating more "rugrats" on your own, you may reconsider having your smartphone in your pocket while talking on your bluetooth or sitting your MAC (or PC) on your lap while working and lounging on the couch.  Not only could the WiFi signal kill your swimmers, but you could end up with a warm crotch that could further threaten your fertility. Protect your crotch and use table tops with your laptops! Whoever thought technology could be dangerous!


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