Is It Gold Digging or Goal Digging?

Time and time again, I run into debates via social media between men and women about what many have come to know as "gold digging".

You know,

the process where women solely go after men with a particular set of riches or wealth with the intent to fatten their pockets and prosper in life.


Every time I read these debates, it seems as if the definition of what a gold digger is becomes more and more jaded, so much so that now any type of woman seeking anything grander than a 2 piece biscuit and some fries is put into the classification of a money grubbing pirate who can't be trusted.

I find it to be alarming that a woman having set certain standards of living for herself simply can't be embraced as a woman who knows her worth, and instead, is written off a someone who is self centered, unscrupulous or unable to be taken seriously within a relationship. Now I know what you're thinking: the average woman who falls into the category of a gold digger can't be trusted, and you are right to a degree.

For men who want to find true love and be adored for their personalities and who they truly are, a gold digger is their worst enemy because she is only after financial gain. However, for some men who have money, status and the cushion to provide a certain lifestyle for a woman with these luxurious desires, these women are trophies made in heaven, and challenges to tame.

So exactly what is so bad about a woman that sets her sights on high things in life? Why is it such a negative thing for a woman to want to eat at fine restaurants or to be flown around the world to see some of the most beautiful places this earth has to offer? I think more people have an issue with the idea of a woman playing a game of "pretending" to like someone only to get what she wants out of him, but don't men do this very thing on a regular basis to get what they want out of women? True, we live in a society where there will be a double standard where women aren't seen as creatures that can behave the way men do, but women do it anyway and do it 10 times better, just with a bit more emotion involved that makes women go out of their minds at times. So in theory, what makes a gold digging, unscrupulous woman different from a woman who is aware of her self worth and sets standards of living and treatment for those around her?

Gold digger

A gold digger is a woman who intends to seek out wealthy benefactors solely with the intent to increase her financial situation. She is a woman that manipulates whoever she can to get what she wants and her affections are fabricated in order to lull her targets into a space of safety. You can't believe a word that comes out of her mouth because everything has been rehearsed and planned just to get the cash out of the pockets of those who she seduces. Once she gets what she wants, she moves on to her next victim vanishing without a trace, and leaving behind a baffled benefactor who is left with less that what he started with when the seemingly perfect relationship began.

Goal digger

A "goal digger" is a woman that has her set standards of treatment and lifestyle with the understanding that being associated with individuals within a certain social circle will help to advance her. This woman isn't manipulative or solely motivated in the game of love to seek out wealthy benefactors to fatten her pockets, but has her own set of life goals and understands that networking with the right men will put her into a great place of power. Many would call this type of woman an opportunist.

As petty of a debate as this may seem, I felt compelled to speak on the topic because there are so many "shaming labels" put on women who choose to use their beauty, wit and charm combined with seduction in order to get ahead in life, and honestly there is nothing shameful about it. Sure, being manipulative and draining a man for his hard earned money is unscrupulous, but when it comes to a woman having standards and wanting to only be associated with the wealthy and well cultured, there is nothing shameful about it.

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  • aaron kilbert

    can you try on me all of the sex position

    February 28, 2014 Reply
  • Willie Godbolt

    The only thing that upsets me about the whole “gold digger vs goal digger” debate is that men of means only become a desirable partner by those women who play the gold digger role, after the struggle to obtain success, but never before. Approach one of these high class, very attractive women before the money starts rolling in and the chances of rejection as not being worthy enough, or broke, is gonna be extremely high. I’m sure all guys who were lucky enough to obtain a large amount of money were able to notice that the type of women he could get, without money, changed drastically once he was able to get money. That’s the main reason many guys upgrade their woman, post money, as now being able to get who he really wanted. Plus, he is now able to get as many of these women as he desires (which makes it tougher for him to be faithful). You, as women, will always be able to get a man based solely on who you are (and how you look) and not on what you have. Whether you call it goal digging or gold digging, it is clearly just waiting until the race is over and selfishly claiming the right to spend the winner’s check.

    March 10, 2014 Reply

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