Pamper Your Sweety On Sweetest Day

Evey year around this time, there are a few things we all look forward to: the change in the weather, leaves falling, breaking out those stylish fall coats, and of course the fabricated Hallmark holiday SWEETEST DAY.  Every October, stores fill up with pink and red trinkets and gifts aimed at showing gratitude and affection towards your loved one, BUT instead of handing your guy a teddy bear with an "I LOVE YOU" heart in the middle, give him something that will truly show him he is appreciated (because Sweetest Day is about the men after all). Ladies, it's time for you to cater to your man, even if for only one night! Show the special man in your life just how special he is by taking a few tips from the Glam Goddess's bag of tricks!  Here are a few ways you can make Sweetest Day a success!

Make it all about him from start to are a few suggestions you can play with:

This is the one day where nagging should be completely off the radar. Sweetest Day should be 24 hours of pure bliss for your guy where he feels like a king! Pull down your ego for a day, realize just how much this special man means to you, and get to work in showing your affection!

Start the day by making him his favorite breakfast while he is asleep, and set a nice arrangement at your dining table for both of your to enjoy the meal together. If you don't have a dining room set, bring him breakfast in bed. Men may not express it, but this gesture means more than what you think. If you don't know how to cook, order in from a restaurant that offers carryout and have a quite breakfast in. It's the effort that counts in keeping your man's stomach full.

After breakfast, take a shower together and give your man a nice soapy rub down. The skin to skin contact in the shower will be a great transition into foreplay and morning sex.

Plan a day doing an activity that your guy enjoys, prepare a home cooked dinner or a night out at his favorite restaurant, and surprise him with that gift he has had his eye on for months. The goal is to make him feel like the king is he.

Pamper with massage

It's not too often that a man gets the opportunity to pull himself away from his weekly work to relieve his stress through a comforting massage. Create an oasis within your bedroom by lighting a few candles to usher in dim lighting, put fresh sheets on the bed and add a few pillows for comfort, and play the role of the sexy masseuse and you cater to his body. Don't forget the happy ending ;-)

Make Use of sexy lingerie

Let's face it. No real woman is dressing up in lingerie every night like romance novels depict, but getting sexy for your man for Sweetest Day is an exception. The lingerie will only be on for a second, but giving your sweety a visual to get him hot and aroused is all worth it. To add an unexpected twist, put on a sexy strip tease and lap dance to get his heart pounding and his manhood throbbing to be inside of you.

Try something new

Break away from your average sexual routine and try something new! Try a new sex position or two (there are dozens on my blog that you can choose from), incorporate food into foreplay, try out a sex swing or other sexual enhancing furniture, take the sex outside of the bedroom even! Be bold, be creative and try something different that will blow his mind! If oral sex isn't something you regularly incorporate into your sexual routine, Sweetest Day is the perfect day to do so! Using a flavored lube can make the experience more enjoyable and using desensitizing mints or sprays can help numb the throat to help you achieve the coveted deep throat technique.

These are just a few tips to help you get your creative juices flowing for your Sweetest Day plans. Be bold, be unique, but most importantly, show your guy you appreciate him!

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