LGBTQ LOVE: The Truth About Lesbian Sex

As a sex positive educator, I have made a commitment to spread knowledge about sexual health, relationships and matters of the heart, and this knowledge is to be disclosed not only to those of the heterosexual community but those of the LGBTQ community. This post is the first of many that will be submitted weekly by contributing writer Kat Harris. Consider our Lesbian Sex Cherry popped! without further delay, here is "The Truth about Lesbian Sex" by Kat Harris.

"How do lesbians have sex? What exactly do you do?" If I had $1 for every time that a lesbian has been asked THIS question I'd be a billionaire, literally. Their are so many occasions when I have been personally bombarded with questions from men & women who want to understand how two women sexually pleasure one another. So, I'd like to formally introduce you to the world of lesbian sex! These five sexual practices and behaviors are the five key elements to understanding the world of lesbian sex at its very core. I have listed each element in order of importance.

1 | Cunnilingus - I know you watch lesbian porn on the internet, and it seems that dildos are the most important things in lesbians sex lives. Sorry to inform you ladies and gentlemen but that is a huge incorrect misconception. Cunnilingus, the practice of female oral sex, is the most common form of lesbian sex. This non-penetrative form of pleasure is my personal favorite. The prize is the clitoral stimulation received from the many amazing movements the tongue can make. From the real tongue to the pearl tongue the art of oral pleasure in the lesbian community clearly reigns supreme.

2 | Fingering - The second best orgasm a lesbian can have is through the g-spot. Fingering involves the insertion of one or more fingers into the vagina. Typically, orgasms are achieved by stimulation of the g-spot, the ridged area inside of a womans vagina that when stimulated plesurably results in a mind-blowing orgasm. Honestly, we use fingers far more than we ever use our dildo. Touch her g-spot. Ask her what she likes and when she says, "right there", usually an orgasm is soon to follow. Every womans body is different, and it is incredibly important to master the art of fingering in the lesbian community.

3 | Tribadism also known as trib or tribbing or grinding - Tribadism is when two female sex partners gently rub their vulvas or vaginas together to achieve orgasm. Tribbing can also be accomplished by grinding the vagina onto the thigh, lower stomach, and it can be done doggystyle. Grinding is like lesbian kama sutra. It is an amazing form of foreplay or a great way to enjoy a little after sex following great oral sex. Woman love intimacy during sex and grining allows for eye contact and intense make out sessions. Tribadism is definitely a fun practice that should be done often VERY often.

4 | Mutual Masturbation | Mutual masturbation involves the skill of two female partners stimulating each others clitoris' simultaneously with the other partners fingers. This is an intimate treat. You can kiss your partner deeply, look into their eyes, watch her orgasm or better yet the two of you can orgasm together. This is truly a splendid treat.

5 | Sex Toys - No, I did not save the best for last. From vibrators to dildos to ticklers, lesbians are often assumed to be the queens of sex toys in their bedroom. This is definitely a misconception about lesbians that we are dildo freaks who secretly miss real penus. This is a huge lie. Though lesbians love a good sex toy and do enjoy adding toys to the bedroom many lesbians have the most amazing sex without ANY sex toys, at all.

Congratulations! You have officially had your lesbian sex cherry popped! I hope we have dispelled any rumors or misconceptions regarding lesbians and our very intricate sex lives!

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  • annakenzi

    add me

    March 18, 2014 Reply
  • Ahmed

    Hi,Gosh, this must be a really tough situitaon to be in. I think regret is one of the hardest emotions to deal with. I think it’s important to acknowledge this loss, and allow yourself to grieve for what might have been’, but at a certain point you’ve got to choose to make the most of what actually is’!I think part of this is that you sound as though you feel quite isolated and perhaps lonely. The feeling that not having children has contributed to this isolation is only one side of the story. Having kids and the networks you enter into with them is only one way of creating community for yourself. You might have to work that bit harder, but it’s worth doing!Of course, I don’t know you, so I don’t know what kinds of things you’re interested in, etc etc. But if it were me, feeling bereft of community, family and the chance of giving love and nurturing, I’d look for the people in my area who needed exactly that. Perhaps some kind of support network for LBGT youth, mentoring, youth groups, etc etc. The sort of places where other people in need of creating non-blood family might find themselves. The great thing about the queer community is that there are so many people who understand that family is not always the people you’re actually related to. Good luck x

    September 12, 2015 Reply
  • Laura

    Hi Glam, I was recently having girl chat with a female friend of mine and the topic of masturbation came up she said she’s never pleasured herself and wanted to learn how to do it. She mentioned it more than once after the convo. Do you think she’s hinting around that she wants me to teach her?

    January 19, 2017 Reply

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