Men Of Power: What They Look For In a Woman

For centuries, women have sought after the affections of men with great power and wealth, and it's simply because of the lifestyle of luxury and comfort they can provide for them. In recent years, there has been an increase in the desires of women to snag the affections of wealthy men mainly within entertainment, and in my opinion, it is partially due to the "lucky ladies" who are spotlighted by the media and brought to fame by their Famous lovers in a type of "rags to riches" story.  Now, in the clubs and arenas where our "celebrated citizens" dwell, we see an over-saturation of these fantasizing women who believe that out dressing the next chick in the tightest dress to accentuate their curves will captivate the eye of the "prized" in order to get close enough to at least get into his room for the night and entice him with sex so good that he will want to give her a ring.

There are a number of women who still believe that sex is the only way to keep a man.  Sex is an important part of a relationship, but as far as capturing the heart of a man and having his affections forever, it takes more than good head and wet lips to keep his attention. Connecting with a man of power is no different than connecting with a man of average success. The needs and wants of every man are simple, and if women can understand and possess these qualities, she will have no issue attracting the man she desires.

Organic Chemistry

True chemistry is the number one thing that two people need in order to connect initially. It's that unspoken bond that one can feel instantaneously when they come into the presence of another.  When a woman meets a man and he can't take his eyes off of her and the conversation comes with ease, that's true chemistry.  A man can sense when a woman is trying two put on a front to be engaged in topics of discussion that she could care less about.  If the chemistry isn't there from the beginning, it isn't something that you can build overtime.

A Genuine Spirit

Men love women who have a genuine interest in them and not in what they have or what they can provide. Men like it when they know they are loved and wanted sincerely for who they are, and to have someone in their corner that will keep it real with them and bring them back down to Earth when they need it is a gem worth more than any pretty face or good sex.  Successful men often have ten times more pressure than the average man when it comes to maintaining their lifestyles and the businesses they run, so  having a woman that can understand what it takes for him to remain successful, and genuinely care enough to take some of the pressure off by catering to his needs is crucial.

Ambition and Passion

Ambition and passion are the two key components in the formula of success. You must be ambitious enough to go after what you want and passionate enough about what you want to never give up.  When a woman possesses these two traits and applies them not only to her goals in life but also in her pursuits of a man, he can do nothing but embrace her with open arms. It shows a man that she has substance and depth and makes him feel that he is truly wanted and desired.  A man's companion should be a help meet...someone that can help pick up where he's lacking and be passionate about putting out that helping hand. A woman with passion translates to a woman with a caring heart...one that will be able to love genuinely and be there when the times get rough.


A beautiful woman comes a dime a dozen to men of power and wealth, but it's beauty coupled with intelligence that truly sparks the intrigue of these men. Sure there are those men who want nothing more than a trophy to look good on his arm, but those types of women are often disposed of within a few months, and that man moves on to the next. No man wants a woman that is as dumb as a box of rocks and is only good for taking up space. Men want to be secure in knowing that if there is a problem that arises that takes skill and problem solving to figure out, his woman can hold her own and help keep the fort in tact.  Success and intelligence usually go hand in hand, and a successful man wants a woman that can be a direct mirror of himself, especially since she will be representing him wherever she goes.  If you arouse his physical senses, you will have him for a night or two, but if you stimulate his mind, there will always be a cord that draws him back to you.  Pick up a magazine or a book other than Love chronicles or gossip magazines and begin to learn something that will urge him to dig deeper into who you are and reel him in.

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  • Don

    What about the instances where ”men of power” do away with the women who helped them through thick and thin in favour of ”models” once the money and the fame comes in? I think some men prefer a beautiful face even if she doesn’t have a beautiful brain. Not me.

    February 2, 2012 Reply
    • glamerotica101

      it’s true, and that’s why i mentioned that there are some men that do like a trophy, but there are a great deal of men like yourself who value substance over beauty. Kudos to you don!

      February 2, 2012 Reply

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