More Sex Equals A Healthier Heart

Sex is definitely an activity that can involve rigorous physical contact that gets the heart pumping, but did you know that having sex 2 times a week could actually help decrease your risk of heart disease?  [cited Webmd.com] According to A study done in the American Journal of Cardiology, men who had sex at least two times a week had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those who only had sex once or twice a month.  Men who fell into the category of only having sex once or twice  month had a 45% increase in their risk of heart disease according to the study.

According to Women's Health Magazine, sex at least two times a week can also reduce the risk in women. Studies have shown that a hormone that is linked to promoting proper blood flow to the heart is released during arousal which leads to a healthier heart.  Good thing is,  the hormone is released even during masturbation so a woman can reduce her risk all on her own!

It's believed that an active sex life is directly linked to lower stress levels due to a supportive intimate relationship. If you aren't having sex regularly with your partner, bring up the idea that sex is healthy for your heart and your mental state in reducing stress. Maybe it will be a catalyst for some hot and passionate sessions!

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  • Kalin

    This artcile keeps it real, no doubt.

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