Opinion Piece: Why DJ Mister Cee is Right in Proclaiming NOT GAY

For the past few days, my timeline on twitter has been flooded to the seams with discussions about the popular New York City DJ Mister Cee admitting that he has solicited transvestite prostitutes for oral sex in the past. 

Despite his homosexual activities, the former Hot 97 DJ is still denying that he is gay and expresses that he "loves women and has loved every woman that he has ever been involved with". Whenever these sex scandals hit the internet, it's never a surprise to many of us that men pay for sex, but the fact about this case that has everyone baffled is how this man can proclaim that he isn't gay if he willingly solicited men dressed as women to pleasure him orally.  I was approached by several  people asking for my opinion about his statement and how a man who has sex with a man can rightfully proclaim that he isn't gay.  Since 140 characters isn't enough for me to express my opinion in one continuous thought, I decided to write a post about it to shed some light on this situation, and hopefully help people understand the orientation labeled MSM (Men who have sex with men).

First of all, let me start out by stating this: this situation is not as black and white as many people are painting it. So many people automatically label a man that interacts with men sexually as a homosexual, but there are many factors that go into why Mister Cee chooses to express his sexuality in this way.  Many of those factors are and will continue to be unknown to us, but from my experiences with other men who have sex with men, I can understand why Mister Cee has made such a proclaim as NOT GAY.

Let's get into the facts of this situation by looking at the definition of homosexuality as an act and as a sexual orientation.

By definition,  "Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior with members of the same sex or gender." Yes, there is no doubt that Mister Cee soliciting transvestites to pleasure him orally is a homosexual act, but his occasional indulgence in homosexual oral sex doesn't necessarily define his sexual orientation as gay. "As an orientation,  homosexuality refers to an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual, affectionate, or romantic attractions" primarily or exclusively to people of the same sex."  Mister Cee stated that his attraction to women is evident, but "from time to time [he] has an urge and desire to receive oral sex from men." By the technical definition, his decision to involve himself with men on an inconsistent basis and mainly have dealings with women classifies his sexual orientation as a heterosexual.  This type of situation is why the MSM (Men who have Sex with Men) category has been created, and there are many more men within the entertainment industry and average society that fall into this category. We have come to label them as "on the down low".

So there you have it! The reason why DJ Mister Cee is right proclaiming he isn't gay. He is still trying to figure out exactly who he is an why he has this attraction, but that's really his business and something that we shouldn't judge. Everyone chooses to express their sexuality in ways that many of us will never understand, but that's the beauty of expression: We have choices.


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