Position Of The Week: Pirate’s Bounty

Welcome back all you sex fanatics! Today on glamerotica101.com we have another riveting and deep penetration sex position that is sure to become a "go to" for many couples if it already isn't used frequently during sex.  This week's position, as demonstrated by myself (@glamazontyomi) and @illinois_jones, is called "Pirate's Bounty" and it is a great option for men of average penile size and for those that may measure up below the average bar.  With the legs spread apart, the male partner has full access to the vagina and full control because the female partner is in a position where she can't run!  For the men that are well endowed, this position may cause some pain, so he must make sure to be gentile and penetrate slowly to ensure his partner can take the fullness of his large member.

Benefits of this position

  • Deep Penetration
  • Face to Face contact that creates intimacy
  • Exposed Clitoris that allows manual clitoral stimulation either with a vibrator or with fingers
  • Comfortable for both partners
  • Increases flexibility in the female partner's legs

Hazards in this position

  • The female partner's legs may become tired from being spread in two different directions
  • Men who are well endowed may cause pain in this position

Props to use

  • A Pillow can be used under the lower back of the female partner to change the angle of penetration and shift the angle of entry into the vagina. Well endowed men may want to choose to use this prop to create an ease in penetration

Places to perform this position

  • In a bed
  • On the floor of any room
  • On the couch

**ALWAYS REMEMBER TO USE CONDOMS during the entire sexual experience to protect against STIs and unwanted pregnancy. Safer sex is greater sex! And make sure you always know your STD status! To find a testing site near you, visit www.gytnow.org**

How to get Into Position

  1. The female partner lays on her back with her knees bent and her feet flat on the bed
  2. The male partner positions himself on his knees in front of his partner and grabs one of her legs to place over his shoulder and moves closer to her pelvis to position himself for entry
  3. The female partner then takes the leg that is still bent and places it around the thigh of her partner or simply lays her leg on it's side while it is still bent at the knee in a spread eagle style. The male partner can place his free hand that isn't holding the leg over his shoulder on the bent leg to help with spreading the legs apart.
  4. If the female partner's legs get tired, stop to take a break or take both of the legs and place them together over one shoulder for a switch in positions



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