Product Review: Eupho Syn Prostate Massager

Product: Eupho Syn by Aneros

Grade: Excellent

Who can use this: Men 18 plus

It's purpose: To Massage the Prostate and promote prostate health

Working out is essential for maintaining overall health, and when it comes to our sexual organs its no different.  Women can strengthen the vaginal walls and pelvic muscles to keep all of the reproductive organs in place by using kegels either as a standalone exercise or with the assistance of kegel/benwa balls, but when it comes to men maintaining the prostate gland, many are clueless on the how to. Luckily, the company Aneros has created a product specifically designed with male prostate health in mind: The Eupho Syn.

image(6)The Eupho Syn is made of Phthalate free, velvet touch silicone that provides hands free pleasure and requires no batteries! It's thin profile allows for precise sensations, develops stronger sphincter muscles and provides stronger, harder erections. It's unique design was created to flow with the natural curve of the anus and to fit comfortably. This device massages the prostate to bring about strong orgasms and ejaculations that help to keep the prostate healthy and strong. It has been statistically proven that men who have regular ejaculations can reduce prostate cancer by 33%.  The Eupho Syn can be used alone or it can be used in during sex with a partner.

I absolutely love this product and what it stands for! There are many men who may be opposed to putting something in their anus, but with a little lube and some relaxation, every man that uses this product will be well on his way to greater orgasms and a more healthy prostate. The Eupho Syn is available for purchase in the Glamerotica101 Shop for those interested in purchasing


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