Product Review: The iGino One

Product: iGino One
Product origin: The UK
Retail Value: $99

As a sex education blogger, one of my favorite things to do is to test out products and review them for you all. This week, I have a review on the new clitoral vibrator coming out of the UK market called
the iGino One. The iGino One comes packaged in a white and pink box and is accompanied by the tag line " What Women Want".

Once you lift the lid of the box, you will find a white and pink rectangular device that is about the size of a smaller smartphone and could be mistaken for anything but a personal massager. The device has a hygienic cover that protects it from dust and dirt, and the device has a USB charging port that is used to recharge the device by plugging it into a computer with the accompanying USB cord or by plugging it into a wall or electric outlet with the plug attachment (no more button batteries or triple A's). The box also includes a velvet holding case for the iGino One for discrete travel and a set of basic instructions.

Dimensions of the iGino One

As far as the function is concerned, the iGino One was designed to mimic the movements of a woman's finger during masturbation, and the vibrating tip was created with a "skinTouch head" that feels "warm and shapely to the touch". There are special sleeves made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) (a material used in various medical products) that also come with the device that are used to create various sensations even for the most sensitive users. On the side of the iGino One is the on and off switch that controls the device, however there is only one setting.

The Review

When it comes to the actual function if the iGino One, I have to be honest and say that I am a bit disappointed.

The brand boasts that it mimics the motion if a woman's figure during masturbation, however, I didn't get that sensation when I used it (there is no way my finger could ever move as fast as this thing does). Instead what I got was a high speed of vibrations that overwhelmed my clitoris instead of satisfy it (I'm one of the most sensitive women when it comes to my vulva so i didn't feel it delivered the sensitivity that it boasted it would). There is only one speed selection on the device, so even if you want to change the speed of the vibrations you're pretty much screwed (no pun intended). Don't get me wrong, I was able to reach an orgasm in a matter of minutes, but sometimes you just want to savor the sensation. If being aroused and not rush to the finish line.

Because the iGino One charges with a USB connection, it can not be submerged in water, which was another disappointing feature for me simply because I like to enjoy my "self love" sessions in the shower or in a bath soak.

If you are looking for the iGino One to be discreet when it comes to sound, please lower your expectations. The vibrations are loud and similar to that of an electric razor, so it makes your toy assisted masturbation session very obvious...and what woman wants that???

The attachments that are used for the head of the device aren't what I would call sanitary because the material is porous and can collect bacteria over time.

Overall, for it's discrete and contemporary design, Eco friendly and easy rechargeable capability and simple function I give the iGino One a grad "A"

But for it's lack of delivery of mimicking the motion of a woman's finger, lack of speed control, non discreet sound and lack of care instructions I give the iGino a failing grade.

I think when going back to the design board, the creators of the iGino will have an amazing product that will truly give women what they want, but until then, I will stick to using my $12.99 waterproof lipstick vibrator during my bath time.

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