Product Spotlight: SUMMER’S EVE DOUCHE

Summer's Eve products are the most trusted brand of feminine products on the market. This post is spotlighting Summer's Eve Douche and the truth about its real effectiveness.

Just like me, I'm sure every woman's mother stressed the importance of using a douche after your period and especially once reaching a sexually active age.  Since the age of about twelve, I have used Summer's Eve Douche about once every two months and found it to be very refreshing and cleansing for my vagina even though I would still have discharge.  As far as the product itself, I have no complaints about it delivering what it advertises, however, many Gynecologists discourage their patients from using this product because it cleanses the vagina of the good bacteria needed to help protect it from infection.

Remember my post about vaginal discharge and how the vagina naturally cleans itself? Well, when a woman uses a douche, it disrupts the ecological balance of the vagina by killing off some of the good bacteria that were in place to keep the bad ones in check. The Vagina does return to its normal state in about 72 hours, but before it does, the bad bacteria  has a window of a chance to flourish and cause problems such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), Trichomonas and yeast infections.

Truth is, douching is unnecessary and just a waste of product when a regular bath gives the same cleansing affect. After consulting with my Gynecologist, I stopped using the stuff and experience the same freshness from a relaxing bath.  Honestly, that's all experts say you need and a bath once a week. Before making any changes in your vaginal cleansing, consult with your Gynecologist

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