Puzzle Pieces: The Peen Must Fit The Vag

The number one misconception that the average man has about being the ultimate lover is that a large penis is needed in order to be the bedroom champ. The real fact about penis size is that it must fit the vagina it's entering. Sure, I know you're thinking that all vaginas are the same "one size fits all" model, but I'm here to tell you that even though the vagina is elastic, there is a matching vagina for every type of penis created.

Just like puzzle pieces, penises and vaginas have to fit together perfectly for the wonderful dance of sex to be comfortable and enjoyable for both partners. Vaginas come in a variety of sizes: large and deep, narrow and shallow, wide and curved up, narrow and curved down and so on and so forth. If a larger and longer penis is paired with a vagina that is shallow and narrow, not only will the entire penis not be able to fit inside of the canal, but the female partner could experience tearing that can lead to bleeding, damage and discomfort within the vagina. "Beating it up" and "tearing the pussy up" all sound great in lyrics when referring to sex sessions that leave women in a KO position, but in reality, no woman wants to feel like her insides are being ripped to shreds all because the penis that is now inside of her isn't the right fit for her vagina.

The average penis size worldwide is between 5.5-6 inches, which means that there are more average sized vaginas in the world than any type, but just as there are a population of men with peen the size of baby forearms, there is a population of large and deep vaginas to match their massive size, as well as there are more narrow and shorter vaginas to match the size of the less than average sized man.

Ever been in a situation where your penis just didn't seem to fit with the shape and curve of a woman's vagina? Chances are your penis wasn't the right puzzle match for that vagina. You may be wondering, "how can I know if my penis is the right fit for my love interest"? Surprisingly enough, the answer lies within the facial features and hand features of a woman (click her for that article)

So what have we learned today?

  1. All vaginas are NOT created equal
  2. There is a specific vagina size to fit the variety of penis sizes created
  3. The key to being the ultimate lover is finding the right vagina match for you
  4. Vaginal size can be determined from facial features and hand features of a woman

Oh the lessons we learn in Sex ed!

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  • Paul

    So if I’m average, I’m pretty much good to go with most women then. I’d loooove to have a huge peen but I guess it’s all good!

    May 5, 2014 Reply
  • Dexter

    Nice article.How does a man determine vagina size before penetration?Are there any fingering or internal massages that a man can do to determine such things as g spot location,a spot location,cervix(close or far back) and sensitivity of clit .This could possibly help a man determine what positions would feel best for them

    June 11, 2014 Reply
  • lyrics to chances

    Funny Chocolate Quotes

    April 29, 2016 Reply

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