Really??? A Bacon Condom Exists!!

Don't be alarmed! These condoms aren't
really made out of the crispy pieces of pork that many Americans enjoy. The condoms were created to
have the appearance of bacon and to smell and taste like the swine treat. J&D Foods, a company out of Seattle known for their number of bacon based products, created the bacon condom at first as an April Fool's joke, but after the demand for the novelty condoms grew, they put the product into production.

The condoms are made out of the standard latex used for prophylactics but it is printed to look like a strip of bacon. The condom is then coated with J&D's special lube that was designed to smell and taste just like bacon. These condoms are not intended to be used during vaginal intercourse and should only be used during oral sex. Novelty condoms are covered with lubricants filled with sugars and flavorings that can cause infections in the vagina, and they are not FDA regulated to prevent pregnancy or to protect against harmful STIs. So only use a novelty condom if you want to make protected oral sex more enjoyable (the flavorings take away that horrible latex taste...sort of lol)

If you are a bacon lover, then these condoms are a must try! I'm a vegetarian, but I'm ordering myself a pack. Just be prepared to be placed on a waiting list because the condoms are already sold out on J&D Foods' website and their first shipment is slated to go out in June.

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