Reasons To Love Lube

Lubrication was created by scientific labs across the globe to aid in the sexual experience, but there are many who are unaware of the benefits of lube and some who simply refuse to use the product for fear that it makes them seem "inadequate" in the bedroom. Fact of the matter is, there is not one vagina in the world that stays moist throughout an entire hour of erotic play. The body becomes dehydrated during physical activity, moisture fades as more friction is applied and often needs to be replenished as the amount of time lengthens.

In a pinch, most men use saliva to solve the issue of the drying walls, but SPIT is not the proper or the safest method of helping things slide more smoothly. Not only does saliva evaporate quickly, but it also increases the risk of infection for women.  LUBRICATION is the best solution for lovers looking to go the long distance, buddies looking to get a good quickie in, partners experimenting with anal sex and women who may have a moisture deficiency due to the use of certain medications or lowered hormone levels.  You should love lubrication and keep a bottle at arms length because (1) It helps extend the time of your intercourse session, (2) it provides a safe form of moisture that replenishes the vaginal walls without the risk of infection that comes with saliva, (3) Most water based formulas are designed to mimic the natural secretions of the vagina to feel as organic as possible and (4) it reduces the amount of friction between the penis and vagina that can lead to tearing, burning and painful sex if moisture is low.

Lubrication comes in  water based, silicon based and oil based formulas, but the most recommended formula to use is a water based solution because it cleans up easily with water, it doesn't dry up as fast, it's consistency is more slippery and it gives the vagina exactly what it needs..WATER! KY Jelly is the most advertised and more widely known water based lubricant on the market, but it isn't the best. It evaporates quickly and has to be reapplied after several minutes of play. My recommendation is ASTROGLIDE because it too is a water based solution, but its viscosity completely mimics the secretions of the vagina at the arousal state AND it lasts much longer than KY. If it begins to try up, it can be brought back to it's slippery state by adding water.

Lubrication is your friend, not the enemy. There are several sized bottles and small packages that have been designed for your convenience. Stop by your local drug store (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Dwayne Reade, etc)and browse through the selections they have available. If Astroglide isn't on the shelf, the next option is "WET" which is also water based.

Show the vagina some love! Begin to Love lube!

(FYI) Lubrication is also great to use during Masturbation :-)



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