Sex AND Luxury: The LOUIS VUITTON Condom

Everyone that knows me knows that I am a GLAMOR QUEEN and once of my favorite high end fashion brands is Louis Vuitton, so it's natural that I investigate this rumored LV brand condom and blog about it when I heard about it. Well here it is! There is truth behind the rumored Louis Vuitton Condom! From the advertising seen above, Louis Vuitton will be releasing a LV brand condom in select stores world wide. The condoms will be retailing at $68 each and will also feature the LV symbol embossed on the actual latex!

Look at the "LV" embossed on the actual latex!

Personally, I will be buying one of these condoms when they do hit the retail market, but definitely as a collector's item and not to use.  I just can't bring myself to break open and use one condom for $68 when I can buy 100 condoms for the same price.

Louis Vuitton isn't the only high end fashion brand to add "penis wear" to their collection. Designer Marc Jacobs, currently the head designer at LV, also has a custom condom available for purchase, but with a more affordable price tag and witty messages on the packaging.  His version retails for $1.50 at all Marc by Marc Jacobs stores.

Marc Jacobs Latex Condom Available at All Marc by Marc Jacobs stores

Fellow designers Jeremy Scott and Alexander Wang have also joined in on the "designer condom" movement and teamed up with "Proper Attire Condoms" to create custom packaging for condoms where the proceeds will directly benefit Planned Parenthood. These condoms come in a three pack for $5.99 and can be purchased on www.properattirecondoms.com

One of the custom packaging from designer Jeremy Scott for Proper Attire Condoms

For the average person who has no type of interest in fashion, these little nuances serve no real purpose when it comes to protecting themselves during sex. My take on it is simply PROTECT YOURSELF! Whether you buy the Jeremy Scott versions to support the funding of Planned Parenthood or hit up your local drug store for a pack of classic Trojans, SAFE SEX IS THE BEST SEX!

Let me know your take on the designer condom!

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