Sex Position Of the Week: Shoulder Split

Welcome back you curious students! It's a new week which means a new lesson on sex positioning for the novice and for the advanced. This week's sex position requires a bit of flexibility from the female partner and is a missionary position. It is called "Shoulder Split" and it's level of difficulty is moderate.

Benefits of this position
*It provides deep penetration
*It is relatively comfortable for both partners
*It creates intimacy between the two partners
*The clitoris can be stimulated in this position using a clitoral vibrator or the fingers of either partner

Hazards in this position
*The female partner may experience pain if her inner thigh muscles are tight
*The under leg that is resting on the bed may loose circulation if in this position for too long
*The female partner's breathing can become shortened

Props or furniture needed
*A bed is the most desirable piece of furniture to use
*A pillow to prop the female partners's head up
*CONDOMS are always a must
*Clitoral vibrator

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How to get into position

1) The female partner should lay on her back with her legs extended strait out on the bed. She can use a pillow to prop her head up for more comfort.

2) The male partner should then position himself on his knees at the feet of his partner and grab one of her legs to place over the shoulder of his choice. He should then straddle the leg that is laying in the bed and place the elevated leg over his shoulder.

3) At this point, he should be able to move closer to her pelvis and be in position for penetration.

If you choose to bring a clitoral vibrator into the bedroom for this position, the female partner can self stimulate while her partner gets in his long stokes. Vaginal lubrication will increase and the cervix will move closer to the uterus causing the vagina to lengthen for a more comfortable experience for her.


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