Sex Position of the Week: The Jockey

Welcome students! Class is now is session for another rousing lesson in sex positioning! This week's position is called "The Jockey" and it is a variation of the traditional doggie style. For those that love rear entry positions and deep penetration, this position is one to add to your bag of tricks! The receiving partner places herself at the edge of the bed while sitting on both of her legs and bringing her chest to her knees in a position that looks an upward fetal position. Sitting in this way will put her backside in the air and expose her vagina for easy access.

Benefits of this position
Deep penetration
Tight fit when the receiving partner's legs are placed close together
The giving partner has full control
She can't run in this position
G spot stimulation

Hazards in this position
The legs of the receiving partner may lose blood circulation and become numb
The giving partners's legs may become tired if he has to bend his knees considerably during penetration

Places to perform this position
On the edge of a bed
On the edge of a couch

**The key is to make sure any piece of furniture that is used reaches up to the pelvis if the giving partner so he doesn't have to bend his knees too deeply and become uncomfortable during penetration**

Props needed

To avoid the hump in the back that a lot of women get when in doggie style, the giving partner should slowly penetrate his partner so she can become comfortable with the angle and depth of penetration. Also, he should hold on to her hips to keep her from running forward and away from the D.

*Before entering into any sexual experience, remember to always know your STD/HIV status and that of your partner! Practice safer sex and use condoms!!! To find a testing site near you, visit

How to get into position

1) The female partner should place her toes at the edge of the bed while on all fours
2) She should then sit back on her legs so that her butt is in the air and her chest touches her thighs. She can use her hands to sturdy herself by placing them flat on the bed or use her elbows to keep herself propped up.
3) At this point, all her partner has to do is stand behind her with his knees bent to level himself evenly with the height of the bed and then prepare for penetration

Happy riding Jockeys!

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