Sex Position Of The Week: The Turtle

Welcome back to another week is sex positioning taught by your favorite GLAMAZON and Sexpert!  This week's position is one that I have become very fond of, and for those who are fans of doggie style and rear entry positions this will easily become another favorite.

The sex position you see pictured above as demonstrated by me and my new partner Mike (aka @illinois_jones...follow him on twitter) is called "The Turtle", and the name is derived from its compact nature.

Benefits of this position

  • ¬†Deep Penetration can be achieved
  • The vagina is easily exposed for easy entry
  • The G spot can be reached in this position when angled correctly
  • The female partner CAN'T RUN! (Her hands are placed under her knees
  • This is a submissive position that will be enjoyable for women who like to be controlled

Hazards in this position

  • The receiving partner's neck may get tired in this position from the pressure of her body resting on it
  • If the receiving partner turns her face into the bed, her breathing can become restricted
  • The circulation of blood to the receiving partner's hands may become restricted if in this position for too long

Props needed

  • A pillow can be used to place under the receiving partner's head for comfort

Places to perform this position

  • In a bed in the bedroom
  • On a couch in any room
  • On the floor if you're trill to get it in anywhere
  • In the backseat of a car if it's big enough

**Before entering into any sexual experience, make sure you know you and your partner's STD status! To find a testing site near you (plenty of free ones and testing takes less than an hour) visit www.gytnow.org

*Don't forget to practice safer sex and WRAP IT UP! Find a condom that fits your preference! Shop at your local drug store or visit www.condomania.com to shop discreetly

How to get into position

  1. The female partner should position herself on her knees with the palms of her hands face up underneath her knees. Placing the hands in this way keeps her from running away...she is locked in place!
  2. Once her hands are positioned under her knees, the female partner should then move herself forward and place the side of her face on the bed or on whatever surface she is sitting on.
  3. At this point, all the male partner has to do is position himself on his knees and move in close behind his partner while holding on to her hips and enter her.

Extra tip for the male partner: Be aware of your partner's comfort during the entire process. There will be extra pressure put on her neck because of the downward position she is in. Create a code word as a signal for when things become uncomfortable so positions can be switched up.



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  • Dennis Brown

    We call it face down ass high so Mistress can fuck us with Her strap on…I will volunteer with my Mistress’s approval to let You try it out too…I know that You will like being in control too

    May 14, 2013 Reply

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