Sex Position of the Week: Viennese Oyster

Welcome back to another week's lesson in sex positioning! This week presents a new sex position that is only for the daring and flexible!  If you're a couple that likes to play with submission position, a woman that actively practices yoga and a man that loves deep penetration then this one is for you! This week's position is a variation of missionary called "Viennese Oyster", and in this position the female partner will have her legs extended behind her head and folded at the ankles. This position is one to try out for fun, but not to stay in for an extended amount of time. Want to add a unique twist to your sexual experience? Then try this sex position on for size!

Benefits of this position

  • Deep Penetration
  • Complete submission
  • Eye Contact that can foster in intimacy
  • Exciting and daring

Hazards in this position

  • Breathing may be restricted slightly
  • The legs will be stretched behind the head so they will become tired or may lock up if proper stretching hasn't been executed before attempting
  • This is not a position for women who aren't flexible in their legs
  • Do not attempt this position if you have muscle or joint issues within the legs
  • Do not attempt this position without proper stretching

Props to use in this position

  • None

Places to perform this position

  • In a bed in the bedroom
  • On the floor of any room (make sure you put down a blanket to provide a cushion barrier between the back and the floor)
  • On a wide couch
  • On a balcony

**Always remember to practice safer sex and use condoms throughout your entire sexual experience.  Also remember to know the STI status of you and your partner before entering into intercourse. To find a testing site near you, please visit**

How to get into position

  2. The female partner will lie down on her back with her feet flat on the surface of the bed and her knees bent towards the ceiling.
  3. Once in this position, she will kick her feet into the air and rock back slightly onto the upper part of her back and bring her legs towards her head. The key to getting the legs behind the head is to lift the butt off of the bed slightly so that the toes can touch the surface of the bed behind the head along side the ears. If necessary, the male partner can help to get the legs behind her head by gently pushing the legs towards her ears.
  4. Once the female partner's legs are behind her head, the male partner can then help her to cross them at the ankles and keep them in place.
  5. Once the female partner is in position, the male partner positions himself over her pelvis in a squat with his feet flat on the bed. He can hold on to her hips in order to steady himself to enter his partner

Be safe with this one and enjoy!


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