Signs Of A Jumpoff

In the recent decade, one night stands and casual sexual relationships have become more and more popular, but there are many women who get the “jumpoff” status confused with an actual relationship. It’s time for you to wake up and stop playing yourself.  Friends with benefits is one thing, but a jumpoff is another. A jumpoff is simply a woman used for sex with no emotional attachment. Don’t know the signs of a jumpoff, but what to know if you fall into the category? Check out the signs below and determine if it’s time for you to let that relationship go.

  • The only times you get calls from him is when he wants to have sex
  • You’re never seen in public together
  • Most of the phone calls you receive from him are at night
  • You call him, but he never returns your call, he only texts you
  • Meetings are often in secret
  • He doesn’t offer to pay for food or gas, and when it is offered it’s no more than $10
  • He doesn’t share any personal information with you
  • You’re kicked out immediately after sex
  • He doesn’t know your name and only refers to you as boo, babe or ma
  • You’re not introduced to family or friends
  • You know about his main chick
  • All conversations are strictly about sex
  • When he throws events you’re not invited (birthday party, house warming, or any celebration)
  • You have multiple quickies in his car or your car during late nights
  • He’s never available to be with you during the day
  • There is no cuddling or intimate gestures involved during sex
  • He gets up with you AFTER he’s been with his main chick
  • He only hits you up when he’s in town
  • You only have the number to his Generic phone, not the one he uses on the regular
  • He has no problem with his friends smashing you too (ain’t no fun if the homies can’t hang)
  • You’re never invited to his personal home…activities only take place in hotels or friend’s houses

Most women feel they can handle these types of relationships, but let's keep it real.  Emotions can sometimes get the best of you and you can begin to catch feelings for someone who has no interests in you other than to use you as a cum cloth.  If you have experienced 3 or more of these signs, it's time for you to take the bit of pride you have left and move on to something with more substance...unless you're content with being a jumpoff. If that's the case, be prepared for heartache and pain that you will bring on yourself.

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