Super Gonorrhea Moving Closer To The USA

I wrote about this mutation of Gonorrhea back in September when I first caught wind of its discovery, but I'm creating a new post about the subject because the virus is moving closer to the USA.  The strand, now known as :"Super Gonorrhea", originated in Japan and is highly resistant to the current medications on the market used to treat the regular strand of the disease. Now spreading across Europe representing 10% of all gonorrhea cases reported, medical professionals and scientists in the US are preparing for super gonorrhea's appearance states side by making the public more aware of the virus, encouraging frequent testing, heavily promoting safe sex with condom use and feverishly working on an antibody that will be able to help fight the new strand.

Gonorrhea is the second most common STD contracted by sexually active people living in the US and it is also asymptomatic meaning it has no symptoms.  The only way to know if you're infected is to get tested.  So with this news at the forefront of talk, I urge everyone reading to wrap it up and be careful with oral sex too...gonorrhea can also be passed into the oral cavity and throat.

Use condoms, get tested and remain safe!

Log on to to find a testing site near you...they have free condoms at these clinics as well.

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