The Importance of Masturbation

There are times when we all find ourselves completely alone, extremely horny and without options to call on to help us release our pent up frustration. In times like these, there is only one way to relieve the sexual tension growing within our veins: MASTURBATION.

Masturbation is a technique that men embrace at an early age, but for some reason, women tend to shy away from the idea. My rationalizations for why women tend to be a little more reserved in adopting masturbation as a sexual technique is because touching yourself is frowned upon at an early age, quite possibly because of religious beliefs or personal preferences passed down from mother to daughter.

I must admit that I was one who protested against the use of masturbation half because of my religious beliefs and half because I didn't see the benefits of it. However, as soon as I began to explore my sexuality without being bound by rules or others' beliefs, I began to realize the benefits of masturbation and why it is an important technique to adopt, all thanks to the knowledge I received from a male friend and my gynecologist.

There are quite a few benefits that come with masturbation besides the release of sexual tension, and most are good for your overall health. These benefits affect both men and women, and I believe it's time for more women to adopt masturbation for better overall health, better sexual health, and for an improvement within their sex lives.  However, I have to avoid bias and state that there are some downsides to masturbating too frequently, but before going into the shade of the subject, let's look at the good masturbation provides.


  • Masturbating helps a woman to become aware of her sexual organs and how they respond to touch. During masturbation is when a woman can determine if she orgasms from direct clitoral stimulation or through clitoral stimulation vaginally.
  • Masturbation helps a woman become comfortable with her body and her sexuality, enabling her to ability to turn herself on when her partner may be a little lost on how to get her aroused.
  • Masturbation relieves stress and can also initiate the sleep pattern for better rest.
  • Masturbation can increase sex drive
  • Masturbation can help with reducing heart disease and decrease the chances of heart attack
  • Masturbation is the safest form of sex because there are no stds exchanged

As you can see, masturbation has quite a few benefits, but there are a few downsides to masturbation too frequently and to vigorously.

The Cons:

  • Masturbating too frequently may actually decrease your sex drive or desire to have sex with penetration.
  • Masturbating too frequently can cause the clitoris to become desensitized. The clitoris is made up of layers of delicate skin and multiple nerve endings. Too much pressure on the clitoris frequently can cause the nerves to become damaged
  • Masturbating too frequently can make it harder to orgasm.

Masturbation has it's pros and it's cons, but it provides so many benefits and is so easy to perform. Embrace your sexuality and begin the stroke today!

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  • renee

    this may seem crazy but I didn’t no how to masturbate till I was 32 id attempt so many times before don’t I just didn’t like it or wasn’t comfortable doing it. it was when I meet a guy that I like I looked at him very different from any guy I was with I guess really liked him but when he wasn’t around and I wanted some I would seat around thinking what can I do I tried and it was a success. and I’ve been set every since

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