The Kaylin/Karrueche Category: The Meantime Chick

Like any average young woman in her 20's I pay attention to social media and who's dating who (or who's freaking on who), but for me it's studying human behavior to figure out this "love game" we like to play from time to time. Anyone that has been paying attention to pop culture in the last 4 years knows all about the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation as well as Joe Budden and his lust for big booty yellow skinned chicks, but the part in both of these relationships that I've paid attention to the most are the two lovely ladies in these situations that have gotten themselves in the middle of a game they can't win: I'm talking about Kaylin and Karrueche Chan. As beautiful, charismatic and engaging these two women are, their love was not enough to lock down the total affections of the men they were with, and this leads me into my topic of the "MEANTIME CHICK".

The "meantime chick" is not a rebound. She is someone that has come along in a man's life during the healing stages of a breakup that has captured his attention enough to make his trust and believe in love again. She becomes a friend, a confidant and a lover and an attachment is formed. However, the issue with being the meantime chick is that your spot is not secure. Both Joe and Chris have an undying love for the women they were previously with and would love ito be with those women if things could be worked out, however, as men do, they had to move on with their lives. When they move on and find a woman they can be happy with, they jump into a relationship and develop feelings of love for her, but that undying love still exists and at any moment can expose its ugly head causing the meantime chick to be reduced to a friend status.

Being a meantime chick doesn't have to be a bad thing if a woman understands her place and understands that she will never fully have his heart, but what woman goes into a relationship thinking she won't be number one??? Entering into a relationship with a man who's heart is still being held by the previous woman is setting yourself up for emotional suicide, but then again we can't help who we love. Karrueche lost the title of main chick, it is still friends with Chris, and as for kaylin's situation, it's unclear where she stands as far as a relationship but the friendship and love is still in tact.

As a meantime chick, it's best to take the situation as it stands and enjoy the ride and all of its benefits while it lasts, and if a wonderful friendship foundation can be built outside of the sexual intimacy, then you will have that relationship for life (or for as long as you choose to keep that person in your life). Being a Meantime chick is a stepping stone not only for the woman, but for the man as well. It is a time for a Person to figure out what they want out of a partner, to learn about relationships and human behavior and to focus in on what they need to change in order to become a better partner for the next.

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