The Kim K Marriage: Issues of The Rushed Union

The whole world is abuzz with the not-so-shocking news of Kim Kardashian filing for divorce against her husband of just 72 days Kris Humphries.  A great percentage of the media is chucking this whole event up to being a hoax to boost the ratings for the Kardashian's reality TV show, but according to Kim there were issues within the marriage that just weren't conducive to the relationship lasting forever.  There is a formula that is rooted in most  marriages that don't last beyond a year, and I'm not talking about the relationship being at the center of the media. I'm talking about communication.  There are issues that are overlooked within that stage of adrenaline pumping and the excitement swirling, and I'm here to reveal a few.

Kim has been reported stating that one of the reasons she is ending the marriage is because Kris had his heart set on settling down in Minnesota where he was raised, but she preferred to stay in LA near her family and where her career would be best cultivated.  According to the media, another reason Kim says the marriage isn't built for long term is because Kris's parents absolutely hate her and have constantly put her and her family down.  There are three issues within her statements that should have been resolved BEFORE deciding to tie the knot, and they are a few reasons that streamline through most marriages that end prematurely.

(1) Location after Marriage

When two people come from different backgrounds and different ways of living, it is important for them to come down off of the love high and have a serious conversation about where they will live after the marriage. They need to discuss what type of property they will purchase and if the area will be beneficial for both parties.  If this issue comes up after the honeymoon when the wedding bliss has subsided, chances are there will be much discord and many arguments filled with frustration and time apart. Planning before the marriage even takes place makes it easier to settle in once the honeymoon stage is over and to really begin the life of a married couple.

(2)Career Advances

It's highly probable that each person coming into the marriage will have different career paths with demands that may take them to other countries for a certain amount of time, or that may require some type of lifestyle changes. During the conversation in the sit down before the "I DO's" are exchanged, these types of possibilities need to be brought to the forefront in order to plan out their life plan together. If  one partner isn't supportive of the types of changes that will be required for the other's  career, then joining forces may be something to rethink.  After all, their career came before the marriage and it will last beyond the marriage (hopefully).

(3)Family Issues

No one gets along with everyone in a person's family, and when it comes to a couple about to take that solemn oath, it's no different. There is always at least one person that has an issue with the union in one way or another, and that issue is sometimes overlooked because the love between the couple is too strong to let a family member break apart happiness. However, this is an issue that still needs to be addressed because down the line, the family will want to be involved in the lives of the children born and have the couple over for family functions.  If there are any issues that can not be resolved or at least suppressed to help things run smoothly, then there may be a question of if the marriage can even take place. Remember, when two marry, they marry each others families as well.

There are so many more reason for why marriages simply don't work out ranging from the lack of real love, cold feet or a sudden lost of interest. Whatever the case, the important thing to remember is to COMMUNICATE to  discuss the issues and important decisions that need to be made within a relationship before dedicating your life to another. A simple talk can save you heartache, time and money.

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