The Magic Stick: Parts of The Penis

The Penis is one of the most influential organs of the human body. Beyond supplying the key component in generating life,  it has inspired artists, made women fall in love with men they would otherwise hate and given countless of male musical artists a subject to sing about.  The average person has a general idea about the physical makeup of the penis, but there's more to it than just the head, shaft and testicles. Here are the parts of the penis and their functions that every woman and man should be familiar with. (YOU GON LEARN TODAY!)

Glans Penis

Commonly known as the "head" of the penis. It is the round "bulb like" shape at the tip of the penis that contains several nerve endings, thus the reason why the head of the penis is so sensitive.


The body of the penis that supplies most of its length.  The shaft contains three layers of spongy, soft tissue that contain several small blood vessels that are responsible aiding in the erecting of the penis.


The Opening at the tip of the penis that leads to the urethra (the end of the urinary tract that transports urine out of the body) and to the Vas Deferens (the two ducts that bring the sperm from the testicles during ejaculation)


This is the elastic band of tissue that sits under the "head" of the penis where the foreskin is attached.  This is usually removed during infant circumcision.


The skin that protects and covers the Glans Penis. This skin is removed during infant circumcision.


The rounded base of the Glans Penis, usually referred to as the "rim" around the head of the penis.  The area right underneath the corona on the underside of the penis is said to be a source of "distinct pleasure" when touched softly.

Perineal Raphe

This is the line on the underside of the penis that "extends from the anus, through the scrotum and up through the ventral mid-line aspect of the penis". Most women can feel this line when performing oral sex


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