The Truth Behind the Female Orgasm

An Orgasm is one of the most enjoyable feelings in the world, but unlike men, there are quite a few women that never get to experience the phenomenon that scientists are still trying to understand in women. An orgasm in men leads to an ejaculation that is vital for the preservation of life, however, scientific studies have shown that women can become pregnant without having an orgasm, pinpointing the female orgasm useless in the procreation process. In fact, scientists have no idea why women orgasm and if it has any real use besides providing pleasure, releasing stress and lubricating the vagina.

Fact of the matter is, according to several surveys, only 25% of women actually experience an orgasm during sex every time they engage in the act, and according to studies, only 30% of women actually experience an orgasm from vaginal penetration, which leaves the other 70% in need of clitoral stimulation in order to experience the big O. Getting women to climax can become a bit frustration for men typically because of the amount of time it takes for many women to reach full arousal. Studies show that it takes women anywhere from 15-45 minutes to reach an orgasm, and seeing the impatience on a man's face can cause insecurity within a woman, prolonging the process even further.

There are women who have never or will never experience an orgasm in their lifetime, and this is mainly attributed to most women's inability to fully relax during sex and a lack of clitoral stimulation during sex. Women need more than just a few rubs of the clitoris with the thumb to increase vaginal wetness and more than long strokes of the penis to reach a mighty orgasm. It takes a build up of arousal from showing attention to all the erogenous zones: kissing and licking of the nipples, massaging the inner thighs and buttocks, kissing of the neck and encouraging words of positive affirmations to help a woman relax, get out of her mind and feel sexy during intercourse.

If you are a woman reading this that falls within the 75% of women who doesn't experience an orgasm during sex regularly, don't feel ashamed. There is nothing wrong with your body and you do have the ability to reach that climax. You just have to learn your body, become comfortable in your skin and have a partner patient enough to get help get you there. If you are a man reading this and you are in a relationship with a woman who has a hard time reaching an orgasm, the key is to BE PATIENT! The elusive female orgasm is within reach when you know what spots to stroke ans buttons to push.


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