The Truth Behind Vaginal Flatulence aka Queefing

Let's face it, "passing gas" can be very embarrassing especially when it's done around someone you're attracted to or someone you are trying to impress.  It's even more embarrassing when air escapes from the vagina while having sex resembling the same sound as a fart. Yes, I'm talking about Vaginal Flatulence, aka queefing as it is known by it's slang name.  Vaginal Flatulence is common and quite normal, but many have no idea why it happens and if it is associated with the same type of flatulence that comes from the anus.  Well, I'm here to clear up the confusion.

Simply put, vaginal flatulence occurs when air becomes trapped in the vagina during sex and escapes during or after intercourse. The air can either creep out on its own or can be expelled from the vagina by contracting the vaginal walls and pushing outward. Vaginal flatulence has no smell and is not associated with bodily waste like the flatulence that comes from the anus. There are certain sex positions that can cause air to become trapped within the vagina while penetrating, and this trapped air can cause discomfort and cramping if it doesn't escape.

Queefing isn't disgusting or abnormal...it's just trapped air. If your partner is hitting it from the back and you're wide open, it's natural for air to creep into the vagina. Just let it go and excuse yourself later.

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  • jbear

    This can be embarrising but ya know, its a good way to see if you’re going kegal exercises correctly.

    October 30, 2011 Reply
  • Nerice

    Great article but it didn’t have eevrytihng—I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

    November 22, 2011 Reply

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