Tips on Keeping a Long Distance Relationship Spicy

Long distance relationships are at an all time high thanks to the popularity of social media and the ability to build relationships with a person on the other side of the earth with the click of a button. In a non conventional relationship such as this, it may be one hard to keep the relationship spicy especially on the sexual side. If you are in a long distance relationship and want to keep things interesting, here are some tips to keep the excitement alive!

Use Skype and FaceTime

Skype is a great way to interact with your long distance lover as if he or she is right there in the room with you. You can have in depth conversations about how your days have been, your plans for the week or just shoot the breeze. To keep it spicy, use these Skype dates to flirt with each other by doing a sexy strip show or simultaneous masturbation. Have fun with it and explore the possibilities. If you have an iPhone, Mac or an iPad, FaceTime is a great alternative to Skype.

Create fantasies in your mind to reference

When your lover isn't physically with you, it can be difficult to get into the mood, so creating fantasies is a great way to play out scenes and to use your imagination to picture the scene unfolding as if your lover is there acting out every command.

Send sexy text messages

There is nothing better than opening a text from your beloved and being surprised with a view of their sexy parts or a message detailing all of the seductive and kinky things they want to do to you. Make it a habit to send personal and fresh sexual content to your lover's phone to get their imagination going and to keep the knowledge of your desire for them alive and strong.

Plan to meet up in person every few months
Physical contact is necessary at some point in a long distance relationship. Plan for a time where both of you can meet up to embrace and to create intimacy and unity. You can plan to meet in which ever city either of you live in or plan to meet up in an exotic city and make an adventure out of it by playing the roles of two strangers who meet and hook up for a steamy and romantic rendezvous for the first time.

Whichever technique you use to keep your long distance relationship interesting, remember to have fun with it and explore the possibilities!

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