Video: How To Keep The Vagina Tight

Every person on this Earth, no matter his or her age or stature, needs exercise to remain fit and healthy, and one of the most popular forms of exercise is weight lifting. Through the use of weights, one can drastically build up muscle mass and strength or simply tone out the body for a tighter, sculpted look.

The vagina a collapsed muscle that needs exercise just like the rest of the muscles in the female body, and by performing kegels, women can not only tighten the walls of the vagina, but also strengthen the muscles of the bladder and strengthen the PC Muscles of the Pelvis to keep all of the organs that sit within the pelvis in place.  I guess you can consider kegels as a form of weight lifting for the Vagina.

Watch the video below as I explain the importance of the use of kegels and how to properly execute the exercise.  In the video, I also explain the devices to use in these exercises and how kegels can benefit men as well.

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