Video: Top 5 Fellatio Tips from Auntie Angel

Happy New Year Sexy Friends! 2015 is going to bring with it a new wave of sexually liberating experiences intended to educate and eradicate feelings of shame.  So, to start this year off right, it is only fitting to provide the inquiring public with essential tips needed for any woman's (or gay man's) oral sex arsenal of tricks.

For this segment, I sat down with Intimacy expert and Fellatio Coach Auntie Angel.  She is the woman who has taught the world how to use a grapefruit during fellatio.  She has created 50 techniques to ensure women bring their partners to mind blowing orgasms.

Watch this video of Angel and me having a wonderful conversation about her Top 5 fellatio tips.

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    Hi Tyomi,

    What happened to your twitter? There’s an error when I click on the link. I usually go to your page w/o signing into twitter, but now it says your page no longer exist. I want to read more of your ask.fm responses.

    Thank you.

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    How do I see more videos

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