Why Adults Need Sex Education

It is a common belief that we all are born with an innate knowledge of how to have sex correctly, and unfortunately this is a common misconception. We are all born from sexual energy and are created as sexual beings, but we weren't created with a manual on how to express ourselves sexually.  Understanding the sexual body and the desires that come with it requires time, practice and patience, and these aren't the things they teach us in elementary/High school in traditional sex education classes.  Sure, we learn about the anatomy, names and placements of genitals, names of STDs and their symptoms and how procreation occurs, but truly understanding the sexual body is something that is kept off limits to preteens and teens, leaving us all to grow older wondering how to reach these heights of ecstasy that are spoken about in every song lyric and portrayed in the loves scenes in some of our favorite movies.  It's no surprise that many people turn to pornography as a way to educate themselves about sexuality and sexual performance when there isn't a comprehensive sex education program being taught during the developing stages, but like many forms of entertainment pornography stretches the truth to create a fantasy around sexual performance.  While there is nothing wrong with watching porn as a form of inspiration, there is a large disservice done in the department of true sexual education if one decides to prowl porn hub for "how to's" to please their partners more thoroughly.

We have entered the month of June, which is not only the month that holds the first day of summer within it but it is also the month of Adult Sex Education. I know there may be quite a few of you sexually active adults thinking "I know all there is to know about sex" because you've had some great experiences with little complaints, but as the world evolves so does its understanding about sexuality and the sexual body.  There is a plethora of information available about how to improve one's sex life with a partner or within oneself, and the only way to maintain a healthy sex life is to continue on with education well into the gray years.  It is commonly sex gets better with age, and it's true because as we age our knowledge increases.  Adult sex education isn't just critical for sexual satisfaction, but also for a full awareness of self and all that life has to offer.  Sexual energy is creative energy, naturally, because through sexual exchange creation is birth.  Sex education is more than just sex positions, oral sex techniques and ways to make your partner reach electrifying orgasms. Sex education teaches us all the health benefits and risks of sex, helps us to understand our sexual bodies more thoroughly and teaches us how to express our sexuality in healthy ways to balance out our lives and improve the relationships around us.

Sex education doesn't have to be boring or super clinical.  The first thing you must do is to open your mind and believe that you can learn how to become more sexually aware and have the desire to do so.  Make a commitment to add sex education to your weekly routine even beyond the month of June, and Glamerotica101.com will be here to guide you along the way!

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