WTF?? Birth Control Sold In Vending Machines?

We now live in a world where everything has become fast and instant, and this same philosophy has set into place within the medical community.   Mistakes happen when it comes to birth control failing, and to reduce the amount of mistaken or unwanted pregnancies, the emergency contraceptive pill "Plan B" was created to give women another option to prevent conception. It is a pill that acts as 10 birth control pills in one single pill and is not the abortion pill. It must be taken within 3 days of an "oops" moment or else it will not work.

The Pill is available over the counter and runs for about $50 at any local pharmacy,  but one college in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania now sells the birth control pill in a vending machine inside of its health center for $25. The school did a poll of its student body and an overwhelming 85 percent of the student population where in favor of placing the vending machine in the school's Health Center.  In my mind, the idea of of emergency contraceptive that is easily accessible is a good one because all types of unexpected pregnancies happen in college, but the visual of buying it out of a vending machine like a bag of chips or a kit kat bar makes it a WTF moment for me. What are your thoughts? Weight in and let me know your opinion on the subject!


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