While doing my research online, I stumbled across a post that talked about a P*ssy pump and thought, "what the heck is this? I mean, I've heard of a penis pump but a pump for the vulva??" As I continued on with my reading I discovered that this pump has the same functions of a penis pump except it's for female genitalia.

The purpose of the pump is to suction the vulva in order to bring more blood in the area to increase sensitivity in the clitoris and the labia minora and majora (inner and outer lips of the vulva.) The pump acts as a sort of vacuum sucking the air out of the vulva and causing blood to rush to the genitals. The triangular shaped piece is placed over the vulva and the bulb at the end is squeezed in order to initiate the suction.

This device was derived from a clitoral therapy device that was approved by the FDA about 7 years ago for women who suffered from inhibited arousal, however, studies have showed that it takes more than just blood rushing to the genitals to spark arousal and desire in women.  Many women that have issues with arousal have mental blocks or have become desensitized because of the clitoris being overstimulated from using vibrators too frequently.  For women with that issue, this pump may be the solution.

This pump is sold in various adult stores and on adult toy websites, and can be used during sex with a partner as a way to enhance the sexual experience. If pain or irritation occurs because of the suction, usage should be discontinued.

Personally, this is a toy that I wouldn't want to invest in, but it is something that I would like to try at least once just to get an idea of how this device can enhance the sexual experience. (the picture above is of a clitoral pump intended to use solely on the clitoris)

SOURCE: http://www.lemondrop.com/2010/01/20/sex-toy-the-pussy-pump/

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  • Jay

    I’ve seen these! LOL I have no clue on how effective they actually are though. If they are FDA approved (and the root cause is physical only), it sounds like it could be a viable option for women.

    August 4, 2012 Reply

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