The Beyonce Bounce Back: How To Get The Perfect Post Preggers Body

Beyonce' was spotted on the Red Carpet for Jay-Z's performance at Carnegie Hall Last night, and as soon as the photos hit the internet, fans around the world sent praises up on Twitter and Facebook about how amazing Queen Bey looks after giving birth to baby Blue Ivy.  There are quite a few fans that are in complete disbelief that Beyonce' could whip back into physical shape only weeks after giving birth, but having an amazing post baby body is possible. Want to know the secrets to the perfect post pregnancy body? Read the tips below and pass it on!

Healthy Diet

It is very typical for women to have crazy cravings and have an increase in appetite while pregnant, but that shouldn't be an excuse to pack on the calories. There is a recommended amount of calories that a pregnant woman is required to consume daily, but those calories are supposed to come from foods that contain the vitamins and nutrients needed to support the growth of a healthy baby.  The amount of calories to consume and the types of foods recommended also depend on a woman's diet, lifestyle, size and weight class.  Eating pickles with icecream and triple bacon cheese burgers will only cause pounds of fat to be added to the body while pregnant and will be harder to burn off when the baby is birthed. The best way to insure a great post baby body is to eat a diet high in green veggies, fresh fruits, lean meats and high fiber. Drinking lots of water helps as well.  The best way to achieve this diet is to consult with a physician that can help with a nutritional plan during pregnancy, however, if that option isn't available, consulting pregnancy magazines about pregnancy nutrition is another way to make smarter nutrition choices while with child.


Exercising while pregnant helps reduce the amount of weight gained during pregnancy and also promotes overall health. The amount of exercise and type of exercises to perform during pregnancy all depend on how far along in the pregnancy a woman, and should be monitored by a physician. Light weight training and light cardio are recommended, but one of the most popular forms of exercise during this time is Yoga because it helps with controlling breathing and centering the mind to help combat the rush of hormones that is often associated with pregnancy.  Yoga is also a safe way to shed weight during pregnancy without putting too much stress on the body or the baby. Keeping the excessive pounds off while pregnant will make it easier to whip back into shape after giving birth and reduce the amount of time needed to reach weight loss goals.

Breast Feeding

According to webmd.com, studies show that moms who breast feed are more likely to shed the pregnancy weight within 6 months after giving birth than those mothers that don't. Studies have also shown that breast feeding helps shrink the uterus back down to its original size after giving birth in a shorter amount of time. Breast feeding is a great way to provide a natural source of nutrition to newborns as well as help the body get back to its normal state .

Clothing Choices

Cuts of clothing, fabric choices, patterns and colors all have an affect on what the body looks like when clothed. One of the simplest ways to have the appearance of a great post baby body even without diet and exercise is to choose clothing choices that compliment the body instead of highlight flaws. All women carry extra weight in their midsections after pregnancy and have fuller busts because of the milk being produced in the breasts, so clothes that accentuate the bust line, slim out the waist line and create the illusion of curves should be choices to lean towards. Wrap dresses, garments with princess seams and rouched numbers like the dress Beyonce has on in the photo above are great choices post pregnancy. Prints and stripes have the tendency to draw unwanted attention larger parts of the body, so sticking with solid colors that compliment the skin tone is the best option post pregnancy.

Proper Undergarments

Having the proper undergarments after pregnancy is key! After pregnancy, some women are given garments to help shrink the skin of the stomach back down to its original state, and certain bras are recommended to help support the weight of the breasts from the milk being produced and to aid in convenient breast feeding.  Investing in undergarments like SPANKS or other body shapers will help contour the body and train the cells to fall back into shape. Proper undergarments worn under clothing after pregnancy will give the illusion that you've snapped back into shape in an instant, but coupling these garments with exercise and a healthy diet really makes a difference if the reshaping of the body.

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