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shibari tyomiYes, this is a picture of me wearing rope…a shibari design in fact.  My latest fetish training assignment given to me by Jasmine of Jetsettingjasmine.com  required that I wear this rope design for 24 hours and shower in it at least once before removing it from my body.  When Jasmine approached me with my 5th fetish assignment I had no idea that this would be the outcome.  The instructions were simple: call this number, set up a meet up location and wait for instructions.  I didn’t know what to expect and the anticipation was intense.  This wasn’t my first time playing with rope bondage, but it was definitely my first experience with being bound by someone who acted as a dominating force over my life.  The experience showed me just how dedicated I could be to following instructions no matter how painful or uncomfortable I was while in shibari.  My main focus was to succeed and not disappoint the one who held me in captivity.  The second half of my assignment was to write about the experience from beginning to end, so without further delay here is the retelling of my experience in bondage. Read More

It’s a common concern for tens of millions of men across the globe, and it’s an issue that prevents couples from connecting sexually.  That’s right. I’m talking about Premature Ejaculation, coming too soon, shooting your load quickly or whatever you like to call it.  No matter how long a man has been dealing with PE, a man can treat himself from coming sooner than he likes.  Yes, Premature ejaculation can be treated if you are a healthy and able bodies man that is willing to do the work to make it happen.

Going to a therapist or a counselor to help with this issues could cost hundreds of dollars before seeing results, and using numbing sprays don’t solve the initial issue.  The main focus behind treating Premature Ejaculation is helping a man become aware of the feelings and sensations that lead up to an orgasm so he can stop himself from coming too soon.

If you are a man that is currently dealing with PE and it has stopped you from interacting with women or even dating, then the Single PE program is perfect for you.  It’s a smart, online system that any man can use in the comfort of his own home, and the program adjusts to each clients’s individual progress.

Check out this video reviewing the PE Program presented by Betweenusclinic.com and visit their website for more information


masturbation monthMay  is National Masturbation Month (yes, this is truly a thing) and in the spirit of celebrating one of my favorite sexual holidays I’ve decided to give you a few tips on how you can spice of your masturbation.  These tips are unisex, so both men and women can apply the tips suggested here.  RELAX! Masturbation is healthy and has many benefits besides a release of sexual energy.  Orgasms can reduce stress, cure headaches, reduce body aches and pains, lift your mood and balance out the body’s systems.  Not to mention it feels so damn good!! It’s the safest sex there is and it harms no one to do it.  All it requires is a few minutes out of your day and you’re good to go! Masturbation can help lovers learn how to make the sexual experience last longer when having sex together and the performer can learn more about his or her body through the act.  If you’re looking for new ways to make masturbation exciting, take a look at just a few of my suggestions below. Read More

rabbit vibratorThere comes a time in every woman’s life where she makes the decision to enhance her sex life with a little vibe.  That’s right; I’m talking about purchasing a vibrator for those moments of self pleasure.  The adult novelty industry is a multi billion dollar industry comprised of thousands of companies that sell vibrators and dildos in all colors, shapes sizes and materials. But how does a woman choose the right vibrator for her when there are so many options to choose from?  If you are a novice at shopping for adult products there is no need to worry about making the wrong decision.  My friends over at Carvaka Sex Toys in the UK have made it easy for the everyday woman to know the difference between a beginner toy and one that is more advanced.  Take a look at the infographic below created for your convenience to get a crash course in how to choose the right vibe for you.  And check out this amazing reference guide for more education on vibrators and B.O.B.’s (battery operated boyfriends). How to Choose a Vibrator IG

thermometerI have to admit that this fourth assignment in my fetish training was one that I didn’t want to do, simply because it was a denial of something I love to do. Jasmine and King of Jetsettingjasmine.com notified me two weeks ago that I would be participating in Edging, a technique where the participant arouses him/herself up until the point right before orgasm and then ends all stimulation before the orgasm takes place. Edging, to many, sounds like sheer torture, but I already knew not only how to edge but the benefits of edging. It isn’t something that I practice often, so for Jasmine and King basically control my orgasm from afar was a new experience for me. The benefits of edging bring with them awareness of “point of no return” (the moment that you can’t stop an orgasm), how to be multi-orgasmic, how to control and be present in arousal and an increase in sexual energy. Want to read more about my experience? Then continue on below! Read More


If you’ve been following my journey through Fetish training this year, you know that this is my third assignment given to me by my fetish coaches Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noire.  The assignment was given to me about 3 weeks ago and amidst handling every day life and a crazy work schedule, I ‘ve taken time out of each day to dedicate some thought to it.  One of the fetishes I marked off on my survey was being a dom and having a sub, so this third assignment involves me writing a wanted ad looking for not only a sub but also a dom for myself.  Now I will go on record to say this: I am not the type to be dominated.  I know my personality and within fetish play I wouldn’t enjoy being in a submissive role, but for the sake of the assignment and balance I have to to think of both sides. Read More

image1 (2)


Yes, this is a photo of me wearing a collar.  A dog collar in fact.  This was my second fetish assignment given to me by my kink coaches Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noir.  The assignment was to wear the collar for 5 days, 24 hours a day and to go about my everyday duties while wearing the collar, including going outside.  Unlike the picture, however, I wasn’t allowed to show cleavage in public.  This was their form of collaring me from a distance and owning me.  The second half of my assignment was to document how I felt while wearing the collar, think about why I am wearing it and reveal how I felt while wearing it.  So here it goes. Read More


One major complaint I hear from men is about the lack of information available for men to improve their sexual skills, especially in the area of oral sex.  So many women complain about the lack of tenacity and execution men apply when “going down south”, yet the information on the market for how to eat the kitty correctly is minimal.  After having a conversation with a friend of mine about sex, he put me on to a post that has been circulating for three years on Tumblr where he gives men the GAME on how to eat the box correctly.  After reading the post, I agree that I couldn’t have put it into words better myself.  So if you are a man that is interested in pleasing his partner orally, take a few tips from this weeks’s guest blogger Artist/illustrator and sex enthusiast Markus Prime. Follow him on IG @MARKUSPRIME Read More

cream-thumbSo you’re having sex and everything is going well, but when the penis is removed from the vagina it’s covered in a white, creamy discharge that both excites and concerns you.  It has no smell, it doesn’t stain and it seems to appear whenever she’s really enjoying the experience.  What is this white, creamy fluid-like substance that’s coming from the vagina when she’s excited and why does it happen?  Read More