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Male partner: Steve|Female Partner: Tyomi|Photographer: Fuad

It’s been awhile, but I am back to give you the real deal about sex.  If you haven’t noticed in the picture of this week’s sex position, I have a new look and a new partner for my sex position of the week series, but nevertheless the information provided is still just as spicy and easy to apply as my previous posts. Bare with me, because my blogsite will be going through a series of changes as the months go on. So without further delay, lets talk about this week’s sex position. Read More

threesome_mFor years now having a threesome has sat at the top of my list of sexual fantasies to achieve.  After publishing several posts, demonstrating several threesome sex positions and giving others advice on how to initiate a threesome, I finally experienced my own dance with a Manage a trois.  When it comes to my personal sex life, I like to share my stories in order to inspire others who are seeking to be free and varied in their sex lives, So with that said here is my story.

***Names have been changed to protect identity*** Read More


As a sexual being I consider myself to be vanilla predominantly, but at the turn of the first few pages of Feminista Jone’s debut novel “Push The Button” I began to question my straight and narrow ways. The love story depicting the BDSM lifestyle of Nicole and David may be fictional, But the acts are rooted in full truth of “the life”. Nicole, a powerful woman in command of her career by day, is a secret submissive turned on by servitude and the pleasure that erotic pain brings with it. Read More


Hey my sexy friends! The Holiday Season is upon us which means a mad dash to find the perfect gift for under the tree and for stocking stuffing.  This year, commit to improving your sex life by gifting those sexy little gifts that keep on giving, and these gifts aren’t just limited for women.  Start the new year right by incorporating these sexy little helpers into his stocking for a hint that just may turn Christmas evening into a sexy fun time.  Add the eggnog–extra  shot please–, put on the Christmas tunes and explore what these top five selling sex toys for men compiled by Gamelink.com are all about.

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Tangled up sex positionWelcome back to another week in sex positioning brought to you by Glamerotica101.com!  This week’s sex position is a variation of missionary and is great for building intimacy while stimulating other erogenous zones during penetration.  This week’s sex position is called “All Tangled Up” and it is a position fit for a variety of body types and sizes. Read More


pussy sabotage


One night while having a good ol time with myself, I began to think about how many women are so fearful of touching themselves and how many rarely take the time to show their vulvas and vaginas love.  I began to think about how we shave, wax and even pluck the hairs covering our fleshy V’s and luscious lips all for the sake of bearing bear camel toes that appear to be “more appealing” to the men who love to feed their porn-infused fantasies (some women just don’t like pubs period).  I also began to think about how many women have never experienced the euphoric pleasure of an orgasm as I came down from my own, and began to feel a bit sad at the thought of it.  I decided to open my emails to look at letters I had received from followers across the globe that day and wasn’t surprised to see a few messages from women complaining about the dissatisfaction in their sexual relationships.  I determined that I had had enough.  Ladies, it’s time for me to be completely truthful with you.  We compromise our sex lives because we sabotage our own pussies.

Let me explain.

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role playing


Today is HALLOWEEN and in the spirit of dress up I have decided to lend all of you a helping hand in getting another use out of those costumes to get a bang for your buck (ha, I made a pun!).  Role playing may not be something you have ever thought about incorporating into your relationship, but it is an activity that can place a much needed spark back into a sex life that has gone a bit stale.  I understand, it can be an intimidating sexual technique to undertake, but by following these simple steps you too can be one the way of adding yet another unique sexual experience to your life’s memoir.  Read More