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pussy sabotage


One night while having a good ol time with myself, I began to think about how many women are so fearful of touching themselves and how many rarely take the time to show their vulvas and vaginas love.  I began to think about how we shave, wax and even pluck the hairs covering our fleshy V’s and luscious lips all for the sake of bearing bear camel toes that appear to be “more appealing” to the men who love to feed their porn-infused fantasies (some women just don’t like pubs period).  I also began to think about how many women have never experienced the euphoric pleasure of an orgasm as I came down from my own, and began to feel a bit sad at the thought of it.  I decided to open my emails to look at letters I had received from followers across the globe that day and wasn’t surprised to see a few messages from women complaining about the dissatisfaction in their sexual relationships.  I determined that I had had enough.  Ladies, it’s time for me to be completely truthful with you.  We compromise our sex lives because we sabotage our own pussies.

Let me explain.

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role playing


Today is HALLOWEEN and in the spirit of dress up I have decided to lend all of you a helping hand in getting another use out of those costumes to get a bang for your buck (ha, I made a pun!).  Role playing may not be something you have ever thought about incorporating into your relationship, but it is an activity that can place a much needed spark back into a sex life that has gone a bit stale.  I understand, it can be an intimidating sexual technique to undertake, but by following these simple steps you too can be one the way of adding yet another unique sexual experience to your life’s memoir.  Read More



Breasts are considered to be one of the top 3 erogenous zones (pleasure zones) on the female body, and when it comes to sexual activity these lovely lady lumps receive a lot of attention.  Sucking, licking, rubbing, massaging and sometimes even biting or nibbling are used on the breasts as typical ways to arouse both partners, but how does one attempt the infamous “titty fuck” when it gets down to the nitty gritty?  Watching your favorite porn star execute this form of sexual pleasure makes it seem like a simple technique to master, but there are some simple rules to follow and quick tips that can help any novice titty rider into a pro with practice.  Ladies, get out of your own heads and fellas TAKE NOTES! Here are a few beginning tips for breast sex.  Read More

Tyomi-7 (640x367)Welcome to another week in sex positioning brought to you by Glamerotica101.com! This week’s sex position is one that is for the advanced and adventurous at heart and has an extreme level of difficulty.  Similar to the reverse amazon position, this sexual scenario places the giving partner in full control.  This week’s sex position is called “Brute” and requires great lower body strength from both partners (time to hit those squats) Read More

salad toss editWelcome back to yet another week in sex positioning brought to you by Glamerotica101.com!  Since this current age as officially been classified as the “age of booty”, this week’s sex position is dedicated for all of those rump lovers who love to kiss, nibble, lick prod at their lover’s backside (and it can go both ways too!).  This week’s sex position is in the annilingus family and is called “Salad Toss” for obvious reasons. Read More

water hose




Squirting is one of the most coveted sexual techniques that brings about intense female orgasms that only a few women have had the pleasure of experiencing this phenomenon.  Every woman has the same sexual equipment necessary to ejaculate during orgasm, but the technique has to be taught and isn’t as complicated as many would think.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Laura from School of Squirt who has mastered the art of squirting and she was so kind enough to put together her best tips for teaching men and women how to perfect the technique of female ejaculation.  So without delay, here is this week’s lesson from our guest Blogger Laura about how to achieve squirt. Read More

The goal of every person within a sexual experience is to reach a climax, AKA the coveted ORGASM, but what exactly is happening to the body and the brain when a person’s sexual energy reaches a climatic peak? Both men and women experience orgasms but the journey to get there is different for each sex. Women require mental stimulation as well as clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm, whereas men can use visual stimulation to go from 0-100 REAL QUICK (Shouts out to Drake). Want to know the science behind the orgasm and how men and women differ when it comes to this moment of ecstasy? Strap on your thinking caps and take a look at this awesome short video that sums up everything you didn’t learn in a semester of sex ed or physiology in high school (why couldn’t my sex ed teacher be as cool as me? lol)

mirrorIt’s commonly assumed that sexually active people are completely comfortable in their skin, but that’s far from the truth in reality.  It’s rarely spoken about, but self image and how one views themselves sexually plays a big part in sexual performance.  It may sound like an issue that only women deal with, but don’t get it twisted!  Men can be just as self conscious about their bodies as women are, and guess what?  There is nothing wrong with that.  Women tend to be more insecure about their body shapes, whereas men typically have hang up about their penis shapes and sizes I (can’t even begin to count how many emails and tweets I receive daily from men who literally want me to check their size and give them security that their size is adequate to satisfy any woman.) Read More

reverse pile driver editWelcome back to another week in sex positioning brought to you by Glamerotica101.com! This week’s sex position is one that is for those who are advanced FREAKS and for the woman who is extremely flexible.  Those who experience shortness of breath, back or hip pain, or those who prefer not to be put into compact positions should not attempt this position (this isn’t for the sexual novice).  It’s called “the reverse pile driver” and for those wresting fans, this positions sure to strike up nostalgia of Thursday Night “RAW” highlights. Just be careful not to get too into the spirit of a wrestling legend and pile drive too aggressively.  Stretching before getting into this position is required. Read More