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Submission by Kat Harris

Consistency is the key to maintaining a healthy sexual relationship with one’s partner. If one’s relationship began with steamy erotic sex, one & one’s partner should continue having steamy erotic sex throughout the duration of the relationship. As sexual beings, it’s important to maintain the sexual desire to please one’s partner especially in committed relatonships and marriages. With that said, here are five adult sex toys that are sure to keep the fire burning in your bedrooms! Read More

mimi sex tapeMy MY MY! What do we have here?? Just when I didn’t think we would be hit with a sex tape scandal in 2014 I wake up to open my twitter and see reports from TMZ that “Love and Hip Hop” reality show stars Mimi Faust and her boyfriend Nikko Smith have signed a deal with Vivid (the same company that blessed the masses with Kim Kardishian’s sex tape) to release their hard core, home made sex tape “Mimi and Nikko: Scandal in Atlanta”. Read More

androgonyBY: KAT HARRIS

I love androgynous women! I love androgyny! As an openly gay feminine lipstick lesbian, I am often asked the question, “Why would you date a woman who wears men’s clothing?” My answer is that underneath those garments deemed as “men’s clothes” is 110% woman from head to toe. Yes, world! I know it’s hard to believe that ones clothing does not determine ones actual gender. Yes! That was sarcasm. So, allow me to introduce you to a topic that is often whispered about. Welcome to the wonderful world of androgyny! Read More

black and white coupleSex is extremely exciting, especially when having a first time experience with someone that you have been craving for so long! Chemistry is high, hearts are racing and each person’s body is crying out for that moment of climax and release. Sometimes we can rush through sex just to get to the orgasm, and for many, the orgasm is the definition of sex, but I am here to tell you that there are levels to this! Read More

NEP_1763Welcome back to another week in sex positioning brought to you by Glamerotica101.com! This week’s sex position is a classic sex position that is great for those couples looking to build intimacy while in transition from one sex position into another. This week’s position is called “lying cowgirl” and does require a bit of hip rolling and grinding skill on behalf of the female partner. Read More

As a sex positive educator, I have made a commitment to spread knowledge about sexual health, relationships and matters of the heart, and this knowledge is to be disclosed not only to those of the heterosexual community but those of the LGBTQ community. This post is the first of many that will be submitted weekly by contributing writer Kat Harris. Consider our Lesbian Sex Cherry popped! without further delay, here is “The Truth about Lesbian Sex” by Kat Harris. Read More

steak-and-bjAh yes! My favorite day is finally here! Today is March 14th, and this is the day that steak and blow job enthusiasts can celebrate in wonderful harmony! That’s right folks, this day is a real day that has been created as a way for men to feel appreciated after having spent countless amounts of dollars on teddy bears, lingerie and candies for valentine’s day. Steaks and BJs are the perfect combination to get a Friday night started, so in celebration of this day, I have decided to pride my viewing audience with a few tips on how to create a great streak and how to perform an amazing blow job! Read More