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IMG_3867Welcome to another week in sex positioning brought to you by The Glam Goddess! This week is dedicated to the men who love seeing a woman be in control and for the woman who isn’t afraid to back that ass up! This week’s sex position is “Reverse Cowgirl” and it’s simple to perform once you have the right set of skills to ride on top.  Read More

tongueEvery one is always wondering how to improve their oral sex skills.  Whether its men looking to improve cat licking or women wanting to learn how to rock the mic, becoming a master at oral presentation is a major area of interest.  There are dozens of women who teach fellatio tricks and books that give the secrets to cunnilingus success, but there is one skill of oral pleasuring that is often left in the wings awaiting its main stage debut: TONGUE TRICKS.   Read More

threewaySo you’re a couple looking to spice things up, and the fantasy of having a threeway is on the menu.  Way to go! You’re stepping outside of your vanilla ways and into the spice of sex that can ultimately change the way you view your sex life forever. While having a threesome is a valid and often common fantasy for couples to have (predominately men who want to have sex with other women at the consent of their partners) there are rules that need to be understood before bringing a third person into your sexual equation.  Before I lay out the foundation, let me lay out a few facts and necessities about threesomes that every couple should know: Read More

sensua massage


Sensual massage is one of my favorite techniques to recommend to couples as a way to initiate foreplay and the arousal process, and my good friend Lisa Marie from Lovingsex.com has a few tips that she wants to share about how to make sensual massage work for you.  Keep reading for all of the juicy details.  Read More



Orgasm.  It is the most pleasurable sensation one could ever feel.  For a moment in time, our minds draw a blank and we are blissfully paired with the energy of another.  The moment lasts all of 7 seconds for men and extends to 20 seconds for women, but those few seconds of contractions and chemical rush seem like eternity as we die to ourselves. Although reaching an orgasm is the goal of sex for many, it is the lead up to the climax that matters most.  One element of the arousal period that is necessary but often overlooked is clear communication to encourage proper technique. Moaning isn’t just for show, it is a form of communication to let your partner know their actions are felt and accepted.  It occurs naturally when one is being pleasured sexually, and it signifies the desire for more.  In the area of giving permission, the sound of a moan is a positive passive indicator. Read More

IMG_0903 Do you have a crazy sex story that sent you from the bedroom into the ER? Well, If you are an outgoing couple that wants to share your story with the world on the boob tube, GRB Entertainment is looking for you! “Sex Sent Me To The ER” is casting for Season 2 and is looking for couples who are aren’t shy about sharing their most embarrassing sexual moments.

If this description fits you, GRB Entertainment wants you! For your chance to be featured on Season 2 of “Sex Sent Me To The ER” log on to www.sexsentmecasting.com or email ERLoveStory@gmail.com with your story and contact information.  You can also call 818-728-4125 for an immediate interview.


See you on TV 😉

IMG_3863HWelcome back to another week in sex positioning brought to you by your favorite sexpert! Since we are on the brink of National Masturbation month in May, I decided to dedicate this week’s sex position to female sexual satisfaction. This week’s sex position is a familiar one for many and a favorite for others. Ladies, get ready to take your position as a rider and try on “Asian Cowgirl” for size. It’s easier to ride in this position, but provides much more depth than traditional cowgirl. This is truly one of my favorite woman on top positions. Keep reading to discover the benefits of this position, where to perform it and how to get into this pairing that places a woman’s pleasure as priority. Read More