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Yes, this is a photo of me wearing a collar.  A dog collar in fact.  This was my second fetish assignment given to me by my kink coaches Jet Setting Jasmine and King Noir.  The assignment was to wear the collar for 5 days, 24 hours a day and to go about my everyday duties while wearing the collar, including going outside.  Unlike the picture, however, I wasn’t allowed to show cleavage in public.  This was their form of collaring me from a distance and owning me.  The second half of my assignment was to document how I felt while wearing the collar, think about why I am wearing it and reveal how I felt while wearing it.  So here it goes. Read More


One major complaint I hear from men is about the lack of information available for men to improve their sexual skills, especially in the area of oral sex.  So many women complain about the lack of tenacity and execution men apply when “going down south”, yet the information on the market for how to eat the kitty correctly is minimal.  After having a conversation with a friend of mine about sex, he put me on to a post that has been circulating for three years on Tumblr where he gives men the GAME on how to eat the box correctly.  After reading the post, I agree that I couldn’t have put it into words better myself.  So if you are a man that is interested in pleasing his partner orally, take a few tips from this weeks’s guest blogger Artist/illustrator and sex enthusiast Markus Prime. Follow him on IG @MARKUSPRIME Read More

cream-thumbSo you’re having sex and everything is going well, but when the penis is removed from the vagina it’s covered in a white, creamy discharge that both excites and concerns you.  It has no smell, it doesn’t stain and it seems to appear whenever she’s really enjoying the experience.  What is this white, creamy fluid-like substance that’s coming from the vagina when she’s excited and why does it happen?  Read More

phone sexPhone sex is a great way to spice up your relationship especially when maintaining a long distance relationship, or a union that requires one partner (or both) to be apart from each other consistently. Even if you and your partner live together and aren’t at a great distance from each other, phone sex serves as a way to spice up your relationship and add to your sexual expression.  In order to give many of you what you’ve been asking for in terms of how to spice things up, I decided to take things to radio! Read More

IMG_3867Welcome to another week in sex positioning brought to you by The Glam Goddess! This week is dedicated to the men who love seeing a woman be in control and for the woman who isn’t afraid to back that ass up! This week’s sex position is “Reverse Cowgirl” and it’s simple to perform once you have the right set of skills to ride on top.  Read More

sensual massageTouch will always be my favorite form of foreplay, and to round out the lesson in sensual massage, my good friend Lisa Marie from www.Lovingsex.com has provided a part two to her first lesson in sensual massage.  Continue reading and Enjoy the benefits of sensual massage :-)  Read More

tongueEvery one is always wondering how to improve their oral sex skills.  Whether its men looking to improve cat licking or women wanting to learn how to rock the mic, becoming a master at oral presentation is a major area of interest.  There are dozens of women who teach fellatio tricks and books that give the secrets to cunnilingus success, but there is one skill of oral pleasuring that is often left in the wings awaiting its main stage debut: TONGUE TRICKS.   Read More

threewaySo you’re a couple looking to spice things up, and the fantasy of having a threeway is on the menu.  Way to go! You’re stepping outside of your vanilla ways and into the spice of sex that can ultimately change the way you view your sex life forever. While having a threesome is a valid and often common fantasy for couples to have (predominately men who want to have sex with other women at the consent of their partners) there are rules that need to be understood before bringing a third person into your sexual equation.  Before I lay out the foundation, let me lay out a few facts and necessities about threesomes that every couple should know: Read More