Does Size Matter More Than Stroke?

The age old question of "does size matter" will forever remain the elephant in the room of any sexual conversation and the factor that leaves many men feeling less than equip for a stellar sexual performance.  In the last three months I've received quite a few letters from men around the world who can't seem to determine if penis size is enough to pleasure a woman or if it is the stroke of the penis that matters more.   Well, if you are a man (or a woman) that has been wondering what the answer to this question is, I'm here to tell you that both penis size and how the owner of the penis strokes both matter and I will explain why.

We can't fight anatomy 

For every vagina there is a penis that fits it, and when a vagina meets a penis that doesn't quite measure up the owner of said penis must know how to put a woman in the right positions to accommodate for a lack of or an overabundance of size.  After being put into the right position, the stroke that follows is just as important.  Whether your penis is too big for the vagina you're interested in entering or too thin or short for the depth and width of the vagina, the fact of the matter is YOU CAN'T CHANGE PHYSICAL ANATOMY.  There is no such thing as a penis being too small...but there is such a thing as a penis being too small for the vagina it is in.  There are a variety of vaginal sizes and every woman has a preference of what type of penis she prefers to enter her, but no matter what your size is your confidence in how you use the penis you have is sexier than being the owner of a 10 inch wang.


video-doggyKnow the sex positions that work with your penis

How about we focus less on what your size is and more on how to use the size that you currently have.  If you're still hung up on having what you perceive to be a small penis, let me put some things into perspective for you: The average penis size is 5.5-6inches WHEN FULLY ERECT. So if you are a man that fits within those measurements, you're penis size is average.  Measure your penis when it is fully erect and not in its flaccid state.  Use a tape measure to accurately measure your penis from the base of the shaft to the meatus (opening) of the penis. If your penis meets a vagina that it can't properly fit into (too large or too thin) then you must know what sex positions to put your partner in to create a pleasurable experience for the both of you.  According to the kamasutra, a man with a large penis paired with a woman who has a small vagina will always result in a sexual dynamic that isn't pleasurable for the female (receiving) partner, so in this case shallow strokes and clitoral stimulation are critical.  In the case of a vagina being wider than the size of the penis it meets, the male partner will have to place his lover into positions that narrow the vagina.  Instead of focusing so much on how big your penis is, begin to educate yourself of the hundreds of sex positions in existence.  All you need are 6 go-to positions that can accommodate any vagina you encounter. There will be more education on sex positions here on my blog in the near future.

video-primproperStroke game must be proper 

There is more to a dick stroke than the commonly performed "jack rabbit" stroke.  I know I know, you see all of these well endowed men in adult flicks delivering lighting fast, stabbing strokes into your favorite adult starlet's sacred space with and you believe this is the only way to satisfy.  I have to break the news to you that this stroke is one of many and often more painful than it is pleasurable.  You must know how to slow down your stroke, how to speed it up, how to curve your stroke, how to shallow stoke, how to deepen your stroke when necessary, how to swirl your stroke. And most importantly, you must know how to stroke to LAST. Every woman is stimulated by penetration in different ways. Some enjoy g spot stimulation, while others enjoy deep penetration near or of the cervix.  All of these stroke techniques will be broken down for you in the future on Glamerotica101.com


In 2017 there is no reason why any man shouldn't be aware of just how important stroke and size is to a sexual dynamic.  Experiencing genital mismatch is common, but it's nothing to worry yourself about when there are solutions.  Knowing how to position your partner to accommodate for whatever sizing issue there is and knowing how to stroke to seal the deal is what sets the experienced lovers above the rest.  Stop spending so much time obsessing over your penis size and begin to learn how to use what you have properly.  Also, learn how to read a woman's body and cater to her interests.  There is more to pleasing a woman than what your penis has to offer. Personality, honesty, trust, compromise and being present are just a few of the factors that contribute to an amazing sexual relationship.  Learn how to become a well rounded man who is aware and present and watch how your sex life begins to improve.

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