For Him: 5 Signs She’s Into You

Women can sometimes be hard to understand when it comes to the signals they give off to men, especially when it deals with the law of attraction. Many men have issues with not knowing when a woman he is interested in has mutual feelings, but there are a few tell tell signs that women give off when the attraction is high.  Want to learn how to decipher the signs? Read the few tips below and start on your journey to better interactions and less confusion.

Positive Body Language

When a woman is interested in you, everything in her body language will suggest that she is completely open to engaging with you. She will make direct eye contact with you while you speak and will sit with her knees and body facing you. She may even allow her leg to lean against yours if you two are sitting close enough. She will find little ways to touch you during conversation such as a pat on the hand or a rub on the shoulder. She will also play with her hair or a piece of jewelry that she has on like a necklace or earring and smile when you give her compliments. If you are interacting with a woman that you may be interested in, pay attention to her body language, and if it all of the notes are positive, then that is your signal to proceed.

She's Always Around

There is no coincidence that a woman is around more than once in the same social setting as you. If a woman just so happens to pop up wherever you are, chances are she has studied you a little bit to know the spots you frequent, and she will frequent those same spots just to get the opportunity to be around you. If that isn't a sign that a woman likes you, then I don't know what is!

She Always Makes Time For You

Women love to use the excuse of "oh I'm just too busy right now" to ward off men they really don't want to spend time with. However, if a woman always seems to have time for you even if it is as simple as a coffee date or a quick chat on Skype, it is a sign that she cherishes every moment you two send together and she wants more. There is no better display of interest than a woman making the time to spend time with you.

She Hits you with "21 Questions"

The game of 21 questions can sometimes be tedious, but when a woman asks you you questions about your likes and dislikes, she is truly interested in getting to know more about you and seeing if you two are compatible.  While she is asking you about your favorite foods and places to travel, she is going through a checklist in her mind and determining if a future with you would be enjoyable depending on mutual likes and dislikes. If she hears all of the right answers during the questioning, she will send you signals that it's ok to move forward, and those signals go right back to the positive body language.


The green eyed monster is something that no one ever wants to deal with, but a woman is territorial over the men she is interested in, and when another woman comes in and threatens to take any part of your attention away from her, the monster will come out. If the jealously gets to become too much, it may be a sign that you need to pay more attention to her and discuss how you feel about her and the nature of your current relationship.

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