Sex Position of the Week: A King’s Feast

It's often stated that it's better to give than to receive, but in the act of sexual intimacy receiving is just as good as giving.  This week's sex position is dedicated to the men who love to go down, and to the women who love to spread eagle to receive kisses down low. You will need a table for this position so make sure it can support your weight.  This week's sex position is called "A King's Feast" and the benefits are plentiful.

Benefits of this position

  • The female partner receives direct stimulation of her clitoris
  • Arousal can be achieved for both partners (men or women who enjoy performing cunnilingus can become aroused during the act).
  • The vagina increases its lubrication
  • The vagina lengthens to prepare for penetration
  • Blood rushes to the pelvic area to cause the clitoris to become erect, which makes the vagina more sensitive to stimulation
  • Endorphins are released into the blood system causing relaxation.
  • Performing this position on a table spices up the sexual experience

Hazards in this position

  • If the table isn't strong enough, it may collapse
  • The hardness of the table's surface may be uncomfortable to the female partner after a long period of time
  • The performing partner could become light headed if they stand with their legs locked in this position.

Props needed

  • A sturdy table
  • A Pillow to place behind the receiver's head (optional)
  • Places to perform this position
  • The living room Coffee Table
  • The dining room table
  • An island in the kitchen

** Always remember to know the STI status of both you and your partner.  You can find a testing site near you by visiting www.gytnow.org or get tested in the comfort of your own home by ordering your own testing kit at www.mylabbox.com.  Using a barrier during oral sex can reduce your chance of contracting an STI orally.  Use cling wrap, a dental dam or a condom split in half to cover the vulva if you are unsure of your partner's status**


  1. The female partner can either lay herself down on the table if she is tall enough to reach, or the performing partner can carry her to the table and lie her down (this option is sexier and safer for the female partner).
  2. Once positioned on her back, the female partner spreads her legs into a "V" shape to allow her partner to position him/herself between her legs
  3. The performing partner can either bend his/her knees to bring their face near the female partner's vulva or position themselves on their knees, whichever is more comfortable depending on the height of the table.
  4. The performing partner can grab the female partner's outer thighs to lift the pelvis closer to their face or to keep the legs spread enough to eat the vulva properly.
  5. At this point, both partners should be in position and the king should be ready to feast.


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  • Brandon

    My favorite position is missionary. I love the reaction when you’re on top and slowly going in and out and seeing her reaction.

    February 11, 2017 Reply

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