Sex Position of the Week: The Choke Hold

Welcome back to another week in sexual positioning brought to you by! this week's sex position is one for those bondage lovers! This positions puts the receiving partner in complete submission and adds a little pain during the pleasure. This week's position is called "the choke hold" and as you can see in the photo of me and my partner (@illinois_jones) demonstrating the position, it is appropriately named.

Benefits of this position

  • Tight entry
  • Deep penetration
  • Complete submission of the receiving partner
  • Adds choking for those into BDSM
  • Can be used as a vaginal penetration position or anal penetration position

Hazards in this position

  • If too much pressure is applied to the throat, the receiving partner may have a hard time breathing or lose breath in its entirety to be careful with the use of pressure
  • Too tight of a grip on the receiving partner's neck may cause bruising
  • Damage to the windpipe of the receiving partner can occur if too much pressure is applied

Props to use

  • Rope, wrist cuffs or hand cuffs can be used to keep the arms positioned behind the receiving partner's back

Places to perform this position

  • On a bed in the bedroom
  • On the floor of any room in the house
  • On the Couch

**Caution: this is a position to be used only with an individual you trust. Make sure to establish a safe word to let it be know when the pressure or position has become too uncomfortable.*

**Always remember to know the STI status of yourself and your partner before entering into any sexual experience. To find a testing site near you, visit Don't forget to practice safer sex and use condoms throughout the entire sexual experience. b**

How to get into position

  1. The female partner lies down on her stomach with her arms to her sides or held behind her back and her legs slightly parted.
  2. The male partner then places himself on top of his partner with his pelvis meeting hers for easy entry from behind and wrapping his arm around her neck so that the bend of the arm is at the front of the neck.
  3. Make sure to be careful with the amount of pressure that is applied to the neck


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