Sex Position of the Week: Laying Cowgirl

It's been awhile, but I am back to give you the real deal about sex.  If you haven't noticed in the picture of this week's sex position, I have a new look and a new partner for my sex position of the week series, but nevertheless the information provided is still just as spicy and easy to apply as my previous posts. Bare with me, because my blogsite will be going through a series of changes as the months go on. So without further delay, lets talk about this week's sex position.

This week features a sex position that isn't for the woman that is faint at heart, or shy in between the sheets.  This sex position is one that creates a great amount of intimacy and is comfortable for both partners.  Ready to get up close and personal with your "Boo thang"? Try "Laying cowgirl" this week and see how well it works out for you.

Benefits of this position

  • Intimacy is established
  • Deep penetration
  • Comfortable for both partners
  • Female partner is in control of her orgasm
  • Clitoral stimulation can be achieved
  • Kissing is easy in this position (kissing heightens sexual arousal)
  • Female partner gets to take control of the entire experience
  • Great position for men that like to watch a show or for men who like to feel dominated.
  • Breasts are near the male partner's face, which is great for men who enjoy them.

Hazards in this position

  • Women with lower back pain or previous hip injuries may find this position to feel uncomfortable
  • The hips and legs must be used in isolation in this position so the female partners legs will tire quickly if she is out of shape

Props to use

  • The male partner can use a pillow to angle his head closer to his partners

Places to perform this position 

  • In a bed in the bedroom
  • On a large couch in the living room
  • On any floor in your home (just lay some blankets down)
  • On a blanket at the lakefront overlooking the sunset

**Before getting into any type of sexual activity, always remember to know your STD status.  To find a testing site near you, visit www.gytnow.org.  And remember to Use condoms correctly throughout the entire sexual experience to prevent unwanted pregnancy and to protect against STDs**

How to get into this position

Getting into position is simple, and this position can be used as one to take slight rest between more active positions, but don't underestimate the work that has to be put in with the lower body in this position.  This isn't a lazy position.

1. The male partner lies down on his back with his legs spread only slightly apart.  He places his hands behind his head as he awaits his lover to take her position on top

2. The female partner straddles her partner and leans forward to bring her face close to her partner's for a sexy lip lock.  Her pelvis should be placed directly on top of her partners to create an ease in penetration.

This position is a riding position so the woman who attempts this will need to know how to bounce her hips in isolation in order to maintain close bodily contact while grinding.  The skill level is moderate, but for the average woman will little lower body strength, this position may prove to be uncomfortable or difficult.

Try it out and see what it does for you!

Special thanks to my partner Steven Vo for posing with me.


Until next week...lipstick-kiss-lips-valentine




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