Sex Position of the Week: Back Door Planking

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Welcome to another rousing week of sex education! Class is now in session, and as you can see from the picture above, I am now demonstrating the positions of the week with my new volunteer and teddy bear faced friend (lol) Colin (@killcolin). This week's sex position is for all of the doggie style lovers and is called "Back Door Planking". This position is one that can be transitioned into from traditional doggie style when the back of the female partner gives out under extreme pleasuring. It is one that is comfortable for both partners, provides deep penetration, and offers a tight fit due to the legs being close together and narrowing the opening of the vagina. The tight fit provides extra stimulation for each partner and is one that is sure to bring about a simultaneous climax.

*PLEASE NOTE* Some positions may not be comfortable for each partner during penetration depending in the curve and size of the penis and the depth and curve of the vagina. Make sure you communicate during sex in order to get the right positioning and the right feel.

***This position can also be used as an anal sex position***

CONDOM USE DURING THE ENTIRE INTERCOURSE EXPERIENCE IS RECOMMENDED! And always know your STD status. To find a location near you, please visit www.gytnow.org


1) The female partner should lay flat on her stomach and raise her pelvis in the air slightly to allow her partner access to her vagina from behind.

2) The male partner should then position himself directly behind his partner and prepare for entry by grabbing her hips and putting himself in the right angle for penetration.

3) At this point both partners should be in position and ready to go. Once the male partner has fully inserted himself, the female partner can lower her pelvis onto the bed slowly and keep her legs close together for that tight squeeze.


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