Measuring Up: Decoding Penis Size

In wake of my Micro Penis post, I'm dedicating this post to educating about penis size. Ladies, we all talk about wanting a man that's well endowed, but realistically, the average man measures up just the same as the next.  No matter how small a penis is in its regular rest state, the average penis stretches out to about 5-6 inches when erected.

Now, I know you're thinking, THAT'S IT?? But realistically that's all you need. The Vagina is only about 7 inches deep, so anything above 7 inches can be satisfying, but can also be damaging. That's not to say a vagina can't withstand the stroke of a long penis. It just means that a 6-7 inch penis with a good width can be just as satisfying and a 9 inch penis with a 3 inch circumference.  As a matter of fact, a thick 7 inch penis will allow you to enjoy a larger variety of positions without so much pressure on your cervix and without you having to brace yourself before every pounding stroke.

So ladies, please remember that it's not the length that matters as much as the width.  You will be experiencing more average length penises than those in the MANDINGO realm, so work with what you get and enjoy the experience! A man shouldn't be  measured by how large his penis is, but HOW HE WORKS WHAT HE'S GOT! If you make him feel like his size is inadequate, then he will perform poorly and it puts him at an unfair advantage.   If you're a pro, you can work with anything!  Just remember to WRAP IT UP!

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  • Dre Day (@AllDayDre5000)

    Motion of the ocean.

    September 9, 2011 Reply
    • sparklegirl

      Mine isnt all that in width is there anything i can do to make the sex experience better!

      September 26, 2011 Reply
      • glamerotica101

        Hey there! I will create a post that will give you some answers for this! Hope they help

        September 26, 2011 Reply
  • Chris

    If you like the man and the motion, but his boat’s a little small for the ocean, consider a penis extender sleeve. The right one will feel natural and add length and thickness, and he’s still the one doing the moving. I’m smaller, and have been using them to spice things up. It’s great for role playing also. It’s tricky for a woman to suggest it, because he may take it as a criticism, but most guys who are small know they’re small and they will be likely pleased to give their woman more pleasure.

    January 31, 2014 Reply

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